Abdulrahman Alenzi – No Excuses For Losing

Desert Force 15 saw AbdulRahman Alenzi’s promotional Debut.


Desert Force 15 in Abu Dhabi saw heavyweight AbdulRahman Alenzi’s promotional debut. An unsuccessful appearance for the Kuwaiti Golden Boy had everyone wondering and questioning his legitimacy as an MMA fighter, in particular his nickname “Arab Tyson”.

He faced Yousef Abou Shreekh in heavyweight matchup landing almost no strikes before losing to a TKO in the opening round. Apparently, a lot was behind this performance and ArabsMMA had the chance to extract more information from Abdulrahman himself. Good thing is, Alenzi is back and looking forward to take part of Desert Force 16 taking place in KSA against Ibrahim Traore from Mali.

Turning this setback into a comeback, Alenzi’s head-on return and desire to get back to the win streak showcases a great example of a fighter’s mind set.

Little did Alenzi mention about his upcoming fight, yet he promised a better version, the real version of the Arab Tyson.

“Before this desert force fight, I was inactive for almost a year and a half due personal and health reasons. When I faced Abou Shreekh I wasn’t ready in all aspects, in addition to inflammation in my right hand joints, making it very hard to hit. This might not seem very sound, after all there are no excuses for losing. I am currently getting ready for my next fight, my hand is almost fully recovered. I will take my training outside Kuwait, as I can’t find any sparring partners with the right experience and weight class.”

A lot of heavyweights in the region have been facing this problem, and an international training camp can always better the fighters and help ready them for battle.

Desert Force heavyweight division is currently the thinnest, yet those big boys are always looking to better themselves and entertain the crowd.

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