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Al Batal Reality Show – Episode 1 Breakdown

After an explosive series of sudden death rooftop battles half of these fighters will be going straight home

28 of the best amateur Arab mixed martial artists from around the Middle East and North Africa have gathered on a helipad in Dubai Marina. After an explosive series of sudden death rooftop battles half of these fighters will be going straight home. The remaining fighters head to the “Al Batal Base Camp” where they will stay for the duration of the show.

Upon arriving to the base camp the fighters start scouting out the villa excited about their new living quarters. They start dividing themselves out amongst the rooms and forming their alliances.

The host, Sawsan Saad, enters and, much to their dismay, leads them outside to tents. She leaves them for the night after explaining that they will in fact, be staying in those tents indefinitely and divides them into two teams.

Adel Mokni (Tunisia) Hesham Hiba (Egypt)
Ahmed Amir (Egypt) Houdhaifa Gdouda (Tunisia)
Chawki Lafif (Tunisia) Michel Aoun (Lebanon)
Georges Eid (Lebanon) Nacer Mamou (Algeria)
Mostafa Al Shammary (Iraq) Saad Tadlaoui (Morocco)
Tarik Benaamimi (Morocco) Said Belabbas (Algeria)
Thabet Agha (Syria) Saif Narmoq (Jordan)

The next day, the two are driven out into the desert, bound and blindfolded in the back of two pick up trucks. They are left in separate locations with a tank of water and a portable GPS. They must find their way to a location specified on the GPS and the first complete team that arrives, wins the challenge.

The teams set off and seem to be having issues following what’s on the GPS. They circle for some time before finding their way. Nacer from Muhariboun decides separate from his team, taking the GPS with him and Mostafa from Ousoud Alarab devises an ingenious idea of reducing the load of the water tank by having the whole team bear the load at once.

Ousoud Alarab are the first to arrive with all 7 fighters across the finish line while Muhariboun wait for Nacer resulting in the first confrontation.

Ousoud alarab win a nights stay at the Qasr Al Sarab Resort and Spa and get to match-make the first fight of the season while Muhariboun are sent back to the tents in the Al Batal Base Camp.

Ousoud alarab draw names from a jar to match-make democratically.

In the morning, the teams gather around Sawsan, who introduces them to their world renounced coaches: Lula Guerreiro – Strength and Conditioning, Ulysses Pereira – Striking, and Abdelaziz Cherigui – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in addition to the President of the ADFC – Randall Yogachandra. It is then that the first fight is announced. It will be Adel Mokni from Tunisia verses Nacer Mamou from Algeria.

Coach Lula begins the first training session with a speech emphasizing his expectations from the fighters. There will be no slacking under his watchful eye and the grueling strength and conditioning training starts.

Under Lula’s direction, the fighters are treated to an ice bath to help their bodies recover and are left to relax until the next training session, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Coach Aziz.

It’s fight day and Adel and Nacer are both opening up while packing. Adel sits with Ahmed, who tells him to play on his opponents’ weaknesses while Nacer tears up at the thought of honoring his country and family.

It’s time. both fighters are prepare and warm up with the coaches and walk out to their respected corners to await the referees orders. Round 1 begins and Nacer throws a kick to keep Adel at a distance. He fails as Adel quickly closes the gap and pins him up against the cage followed by a take down. Adel passes half guard easily and mounts. He ground and pounds Nacer who tries to escape by giving his back. Muhariboun corner men plead with Nacer to turn back around but their desperation falls onto deaf ears as Nacer taps out from a Rear Naked Choke. With 3 minutes and 10 seconds remaining, the fight comes to an end and Adel Mokni from Tunisia is the first of the fighters to be granted immunity. Nacer Mamou from Algeria is sent home after a great show of class and respect from both fighters.

Episode 1 comes to a close and Ousoud Alarab are now one man ahead of Muhariboun as the teams are an uneven 7-6.

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