Brave 12 | Khaled Taha Makes Statement In Brave Debut Against Hamza Kooheji


A key bantamweight battle took between Hamza Kooheji and Khaled Taha at Brave 12 in Indonesia. A lot was expected from Taha in his Brave debut, especially taking on the main contender for the Brave bantamweight title. However, Taha delivered an impressive performance and made a strong impact in Brave by submitting Kooheji in the 2nd round.

Brave 12 “KHK Legacy” took place Friday May 11, 2018, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event aired on Abu Dhabi Sports, StarSat, Vodacom, Combate, and iNews TV.

The fight kicked off with Taha quickly taking the initiative, stalking Kooheji against the cage and landing a huge missile of an uppercut that almost ended the fight right there! However, Kooheji regained control, took the center of the cage, shot in for a single leg and pushed Taha up against the cage. Though Kooheji fought hard to get the takedown, Taha displayed good takedown defense skills, making it difficult for Kooheji to maintain any serious kind of control over him. A mistake by Kooheji led Taha to grab a guillotine choke, almost finishing the fight, but Kooheji gets a desperate single leg. Nevertheless, Kooheji’s successful takedown is short lived as Taha is able to reverse the position through a key lock grip and get Kooheji in a turtle position, raining shots on the Bahraini. Kooheji gets a grip around Taha’s waist and stands back up for yet another takedown attempt, but Taha breaks free and aggressively attacks Kooheji with his strikes. The round ends as Kooheji shoots in on Taha and barely survives the round.

In the 2nd round, Taha is once again on the pursuit. Kooheji showed no adjustment to his gameplan, still intent on taking Taha to the mat. This round, however, Taha is even more aware of Kooheji’s strategy, easily stuffing his takedown attempt and dragging him to the cage. Taha showcases his strength by pulling Kooheji down to the ground with a single underhook, switching to a head and arm grip before transitioning into side control. Not long after, Taha gets himself into full mount and start landing some elbows that force Kooheji to give up his back, a fatal mistake that opens up the rear naked choke submission for Taha who sinks it in and forces Kooheji to tap.

Khaled Taha defeats Hamza Kooheji via 2nd round RNC submission.

Brave 12: KHK Legacy Results

  • Lightweight: Eldar Eldarov defeated Brian Hooi by unanimous decision
  • Welterweight: Jarrah Al Selawe defeated Tahar Hadbi by unanimous decision
  • Welterweight: Pawel Kielek defeated Mehdi Baghdad by unanimous decision
  • Light Heavyweight: Vincent Majid defeated Jing Yi Chong by unanimous decision
  • Featherweight: Khalid Taha defeated Hamza Kooheji by submission in the second round
  • Featherweight: Marat Magomedov defeated Luke Adams by unanimous decision
  • Catchweight: Gadzhimusa Gaziev defeated Leonardo Mafra by verbal submission in the first round
  • Catchweight: Akhmed Magomedov defeated Anthony Engelen by submission in the second round
  • Lightweight: John Brewin defeated Hardeep Rai by TKO in the second round
  • Catchweight: Kaan Ofli defeated Jeremy Pacatiw by TKO in the second round
  • Flyweight: Hussain Ayyad defeated Jomar Pa-ac by TKO in the third round
  • Bantamweight: Gamzat Magomedov defeated Zeck Lange by unanimous decision



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