Brave 12 | Pawel Kielek Neutralizes Mehdi Baghdad For Decision Win


In one of the best performances in Brave 12, Pawel Kielek was able to neutralize former UFC fighter Mehdi Baghdad and earn a unanimous decision victory which is no doubt the most important of his career Mixed Martial Arts career this far.

Brave 12 “KHK Legacy” took place Friday May 11, 2018, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event aired on Abu Dhabi Sports, StarSat, Vodacom, Combate, and iNews TV.

In the first round, Pawel Kielek takes instant advantage of Baghdad’s questionable grappling game, buckling his hands around Mehdi’s waist and dragging him to the cage. After some resistance by Baghdad, Kielek finally manages to trip him and get himself into half-guard, landing some strikes before Mehdi recovers his guard. Kielek maintains top control for the rest of the round while peppering strikes away at Mehdi.

In round 2, Kielek stalks Bagdad and swings wildly, forcing Baghdad to move backward once again before griping his hands around Baghdad’s waist and taking him down yet again. Kielek looks to be in total control, mixing it up between punches and elbows without discrimination. He manages to take Baghdad’s back, and although Baghdad tries hard to find an escape route, he inevitably gets stuck once again with his back up against the cage. Stuck to Baghdad like some kind of super glue, Kielek takes his opponent down and finishes the round in the same way as he did the first.

The story pretty much repeats itself in the 3rd as Kielek rapidly closes distance and takes Mehdi down. Kielek is content in half guard, hammering away every now and then, landing elbows and bloodying Baghdad’s face. Kielek finishes the round on top and earns a well-deserved the unanimous decision.

Pawel Kielk defeats Mehdi Baghdad via unanimous decision.

Brave 12: KHK Legacy Results

  • Lightweight: Eldar Eldarov defeated Brian Hooi by unanimous decision
  • Welterweight: Jarrah Al Selawe defeated Tahar Hadbi by unanimous decision
  • Welterweight: Pawel Kielek defeated Mehdi Baghdad by unanimous decision
  • Light Heavyweight: Vincent Majid defeated Jing Yi Chong by unanimous decision
  • Featherweight: Khalid Taha defeated Hamza Kooheji by submission in the second round
  • Featherweight: Marat Magomedov defeated Luke Adams by unanimous decision
  • Catchweight: Gadzhimusa Gaziev defeated Leonardo Mafra by verbal submission in the first round
  • Catchweight: Akhmed Magomedov defeated Anthony Engelen by submission in the second round
  • Lightweight: John Brewin defeated Hardeep Rai by TKO in the second round
  • Catchweight: Kaan Ofli defeated Jeremy Pacatiw by TKO in the second round
  • Flyweight: Hussain Ayyad defeated Jomar Pa-ac by TKO in the third round
  • Bantamweight: Gamzat Magomedov defeated Zeck Lange by unanimous decision



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