Brave’s Biggest Rivals “Fakhreddine Vs. Hadbi” Clash Draws Near

In exactly 15 days, the most fierce rivalry currently raging in Brave Combat Federation will reach a boiling point as Mohammad Fakhreddine and Tahar Hadbi step into the cage.

Only one man will step out alive.

These two fearsome men reserve a hatred for each other rarely found in the manufactured animosity of big fights and the bad blood will finally be spilled in Brave 9’s showpiece.

The feud­ began when Hadbi made some demeaning comments about Fakhreddine in the run up to their Brave 9 clash, leading to a series back-and-forth exchange of insults, threats, and highly derogatory remarks.

It was frustrating for Tahar Hadbi not to get his much-awaited rematch against Carl Booth. And for Mohammed Fakhreddine, having to pull out of his envied title bout at Brave 8 was just as hard. Now their paths have crossed and they are leading to what is the most bitter rivalry in Brave CF’s history.

Fakhreddine and Hadbi have been clear about their dislike for one another from the beginning, and since then, it has only escalated.

The Fearless French-Algerian meets the Lebanese Phenom at Brave 9. Both are on the warpath to destroy each other.

The bad blood is real! Who will prevail on the 17th of November?


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