Mohammad Fakhreddine Claims Interim Title With Split Decision Win Over Jarrah Al Selawi

Desert Force 20

Desert Force 20 - a200

Dubai, UAE – Mohammad Fakhreddine made it his mission to get in close and trade punches against Jarrah Al-Selawe in a rematch that had an interim title on the line.

Fakhreddine who know fights out of Youth Sports Club might not have started strong but managed to frustrate Al-Selawe with an evasive style making sure the fight stays in stand up mode.

It was a strategy that paid dividends for Fakhreddine (7-1 Desert Force) in the later rounds, as Jarrah (4-2 MMA, 2-1 Desert Force) began to wear down in a very close fight. The Jordanian’s performance in the final frame likely sealed the deal by the slimmest of margins, handing Fakhreddine the win via split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

To his credit, Fakhreddine never stopped coming forward, even when his hard-charging style nearly landed him in trouble, but that’s how Fakhreddine edged his opponents on more than one occasion.

The welterweight bout was the main event of Desert Force event at Skydive Dubai in UAE. It aired live on MBC Action following the undercard.

Mohammad Fakhreddine Vs. Jarrah Al Selawi at 1:17:00

For Fakhreddine it was revenge time as the fight started with a stunning stare down along with a theatrical entrance by both fighters.

Fight kicked off with both fighters throwing everything they got into each and every strike. The pace was slower than the last fight between the two, but still, the intent was there.

Al-Selawe landed more accurate strikes in the opening round controlling Fakhreddine up against the cage and in a defensive position. Al-Selawe delivered some crisp strikes as both fighters scrap and take it to the ground where Fakhreddine delivered heavier strikes. Al-Selawe pulled guard and reduces the damage as the first round ends.

Fakhreddine kicks off the second round with a kick straight to Al-Selawe’s head that wobbled him. However, Al-Selawe quickly recovers after Fakhreddine attempts to take him down and dominates. Al-Selawe retaliates and delivers a stiff straight to Fakhreddine that dropped him, but the latter turns the tables to one of the ground and recovers showing the heart he is so well known for.

Fakhreddine had Al-Selawe up against the cage and as he was delivering damage. Both fighters seemed to be getting a little big tired. An over hook by Fakhreddine dropped Al-Selawe and Fakhreddine banked on it to end the round with GnP from guard.

In the final frame, Fakhreddine found his range and started landing more significant strikes. Al-Selawe became much more cautious as he lacked energy to go on the attack giving Fakhreddine the slight edge he needed to win the fight on two of the three judges scorecard.

The win makes it three in a row for Fakhreddine, who know walks around with the Desert Force interim welterweight shield.

Check out the full fight card results for Desert Force 20 on this link.

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