Yerevanian’s 1 Million Dollar Grand Prix

Chahe Yerevanian Offers House To Desert Force Winner


Since its inception, ArabsMMA has always covered the news of fighters. All throughout the MENA region, from Desert Force to local Arab fights, ArabsMMA has done it all.

People only realize the product of prominent ninja figures; without whom, nothing would actually happen. Why did I say ‘ninja’? Because Ninjas do their jobs perfectly, but are never seen. People praise their work, but never know whom they are. We’re about to change that.

Mr. Chahe Yerevanian, SAYFCO. holding Chairman, just like his skylines, is one of the most prominent and definitive pillars in MMA in Lebanon. Mr. Yerevanian recenlty entered the MMA community as the most prominent supporter of fighters, but is no foreigner to the ring. Yerevanian acquired a blackbelt in Hapkido, aside from training privately at Shogun, and also being a BJJ fanatic.

Mohamad Karaki (Desert Force champion) and Rami Hamed were the first fighters Yerevanian had sponsored.

The fun doesn’t stop here…

Almost everyone in the MENA region knows that Desert Force is coming to Lebanon. All the ArabsMMA community liked it and applauded the act. Desert Force Lebanon is in fact the product of the hardwork and will power of Mr. Chahe Yerevanian himself along with many others. His commitment and support for this sport were one of the main reasons Desert Force will visit Lebanon.

Mr. Chahe Yerevanian did not only sponsor Desert Force Lebanon, but will also be providing the best performing Lebanese winner a house in one of his monumental SAYFCO sites. So now, not only do we owe Yerevanian our thanks to making Desert Force Lebanon a reality, but we also owe him for entitling us to watch one of the most exciting fights ever: this grand prize will be the motive of every fighter to win. If all have the will and determination to win, then who will lose easily?

Mr. Chahe Yerevanian has truly a unique way of giving life to everything he participates in. That is mostly evident in the monumental SAYFCO compounds that flourish in every sector they rise in. He has also done that in the MMA field.

Mr. Chahe Yerevanian, on behalf of all the MMA supporters in the MENA region, and Lebanon specifically, we thank you for your work, for MMA in your era has a different meaning. Please, accept this nickname, for your acts have granted you the title of Chahe “THE NINJA” Yerevanian.

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  • It is going to be exciting ,, following the Ninja rules and aesthetics , attitude… is leadership

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