Desert Force Champ Al Selwady Landing In Lebanon Soon

Desert Force featherweight champion an Al Academiya Red Team coach Abdul Kareem Al Selwady


Desert Force featherweight champion and Al Academiya Red Team coach Abdul Kareem Al Selwady has just informed ArabsMMA that he is set to visit Lebanon in the upcoming week. This visit is very important according to Al Selwady as he will be visiting friends from different gyms in Lebanon.

“The most important part of the trip is to go kick ArabsMMA’s Zahi Ephrem’s ass! Hehe”

Abdul Kareem will be visiting Shogun Gym to spar with Wendell Roche, World class K1 fighter, “Everyone is doing it” he said, “I will give it a try and make my own video just like everyone else haha.”

“I need to try those jumbo shrimps Ghorabi is always teasing me about.

Oufff I heard so much about the ba7er, need to get a sun tan.

Ok let’s be serious..”

Selwady then hinted that he will be here to check on George Bardawil and make sure he is in great shape for any upcoming fight. Bardawil who trains with Tristar Gym Lebanon is on Team Selwady in Desert Force Al Academiya which is being aired on MBC Action. He will be uniting with best buddies Louai Kiblawi, Mohamad Ghorabi, Mohamad Karaki, Mohammad Fakhreddine to throw some hardcore training with them.

Yet, Al Selwady decided to keep the main purpose of his visit as a surprise to be revealed when he gets to Lebanon. Could it be that he’s joining a new team? Will Al Selwady be the newest member of Tristar Lebanon ? Let’s wait and see what’s this all about.

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