JAB Training Center Officially Inaugurated in Beirut


Ramlat Al Baida, BEY (November 10, 2017) – JAB® Training Center, becomes the brand-new martial arts and fitness destination in the heart of Beirut.

Today, JAB Training Center was officially inaugurated by Mr. Mohamad Ali Ass’ad and Mr. Aly Makhzoum in the presence of Director General of the Ministry of Youth & Sports, Mr. Zeid Khiami, President of the Lebanese Kickboxing Federation Mr. Abdul Rahman El Rayess, President of the K1-Committee Mr. John Haddad and a wonderful gathering of martial arts enthusiast and friends.


After all the guests had their famous moment at the JAB wall of fame, welcomed by drinks and tasty entrees, it was time for the grand opening festivities to begin. JAB coaches headed by Coach Aly Makhzoum introduced the training facility to all invitees, and showcased training exhibitions across the different classes offered by JAB. Guests also had the opportunity to take part in a variety of fun-filled, sweat-inducing activities.

“We are fusing together the best of Martial Arts and Conditioning in one location,” Aly Makhzoum, JAB Head Coach, said.”We look forward to highlighting the features of our facility to the entire community and have them experience what the hype is all about. JAB is not any gym, JAB is coming to make a revolution in the martial arts training industry.”

An eager and excited Mr. Zeid Khiami expressed his thrill at developing an exceptional facility where practitioners can train in a safe and regulated environment. In light of the controversial concerns with regard to the sport’s safety, Khiami commended JAB for bringing a center with a safety-first set-up.

“I support the idea of having advanced training facilities like (JAB) for martial arts. Combat sports training requires responsibility and follow-up along with proper coaching in order to be beneficial and safe. This gym is a true opportunity for people who would like to learn more about martial arts or train in a specific art. It can also help in teaching people more about the ideology behind martial arts and reminding them that they are noble sports to promote positive behavior and not violence.”

It was an exciting evening at JAB as officials, coaches, students and guests gathered to celebrate the official ceremony for the new martial arts school. The festivities concluded with a “JAB” cake cutting ceremony after which everyone bid JAB the best of luck in it’s journey ahead.

JAB Inauguration DayJAB Inauguration DayJAB Inauguration DayJAB Inauguration DayJAB Inauguration DayJAB Inauguration DayJAB Inauguration Day



The facility on Thomas Edison Street spans approximately 600 meters squared. Additionally, it features an MMA cage, multi-combat ring, private 1-on-1 training rooms, spacious mat space, conditioning area, in addition to variety of bags, free weights, cardio machines and additional amenities and equipment that members and guests can enjoy. The center also aims to cultivate the next generation of fighters and champions and prepare them to shine on local and international playgrounds.



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