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KHK’s Bahrain Vs India Official Weigh-In Results

india vs bahrain mma

Bahrain – ArabsMMA (www.arabsmma.com) was on scene and reporting from today’s official weigh-in of the KHK Amateur MMA Championship: Bahrain vs India.

Today,( Wednesday, January 11 ), all 34 athletes competing in tomorrow’s event stepped on scale and overcame their first challenge. The highlight of the tonight’s weigh-ins, as expected, was His Highness Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who will be headlining the event. Fighting at lightweight, Shaikh Khalid made his way to the scale with his brother Shaikh Nasser, weighed on point and had a very intense staredown with his opponent, India’s Manish Kumar.

Also present at the event were Brave fighters, Mohamad Farhad and Abdul Muneer who traveled with Team India to Bahrain as official representatives. Local professional fighter, Hamza Kooheji, was also on scene supporting and motivating all the local athletes in turn.

Weigh In Results:

  • H.H. Sh. Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa (70.5Kg) Vs Manish Surender (70.1Kg)
  • Abbas Khan (70Kg) Vs Pawan Maan (70.5Kg)
  • Hamza Zrira (61.5Kg) Vs Push Pender (61Kg)
  • Abdulla AlFayez (65.8Kg) Vs Swapnil Lalit (66Kg)
  • Hamad Faisal (61Kg) Vs Govind Sing (61.2Kg)
  • Nayef Fekri (70.3Kg) Vs Mehra Shankar (70Kg)
  • Yousif Adel (63Kg) Vs Vishnu (60.2Kg)
  • Hazem Kaiju (77Kg) Vs Ibrahim Syed Abdul Nazzeur (77Kg)
  • Hussein Al Madhi (70.5Kg) Vs Rudransh Kumar Sanjeev (70Kg)
  • Hunter Mohammed Ali (65.8Kg) Vs Khursheed Mohiuddin (64Kg)
  • Obada Al Wahoush (66.4Kg) Vs Shashi Kumar (64.5Kg)
  • Isa Rashid (66.4Kg) Vs Kushal Vyas (63Kg)
  • Joel Biju (66.4Kg) Vs Dipesh Rasal (65Kg)
  • Maher Khalid (66Kg) Vs Sandeep Kumar (65Kg)
  • Shehab Ali (70.2Kg) Vs Bobby Shankar (69Kg)
  • Yousif Waleed (49Kg) Vs Gosh Susovan (52.2Kg)
  • Hamad Mattar (66Kg) Vs Lenin Prakash (66Kg)
  • Stay tuned for full results and updates on ArabsMMA.com.