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Lebanese Pro MMA Cage Fight Night Recap

ArabsMMA recaps a memorable night of combat action that took place this weekend in Jounieh, Lebanon, at the First Lebanese Pro MMA Cage Fight Night Event!


ArabsMMA recaps a memorable night of combat action that took place this weekend in Jounieh, Lebanon, at the First Lebanese Pro MMA Cage Fight Night Event!

Nassif Azar def. Mohammad Mohajer Via second round TKO (punches)

This Straw Weight bout was intense as both fighters went at it from the beginning . The first round saw Azar with a slight lead. In the second however, he managed to dominate his opponent, mount him and unload some serious punishment! Each punch landed made a cracking sound on Mohajer until the referee mercifully stopped the carnage, giving “Black Cobra” team the first win of the night!

Maher Saloum def. Raed Hossein Via unanimous decision

In this three round Featherweight battle, Salloum got caught in an awkward position for most of the first round. It resembled a variation of a triangle but without an arm. The fight slowly evolved into an all out brawl in the second stanza, and Salloum took over the home stretch to secure a victory.

Ali Tabaja def. Mohammad Amairi Via unanimous decision

This was a close fight between two tough lightweights who both brought good stand up skills to the cage. While the fight was close, and Amairi managed to take Tabaja down, it was Tabaja who had the slight striking edge, beating his opening to the punch. A good win for Tabaja and Team Tiger Muay Thai.

Ahmad Homayda def. Obaida Akkary Via split decision

In what was a very close fight, both fighters went at it with wild punches, but it was Akkary who seemed to take the first round with counters to the body. In the second round, Homayda began to open up and get the better of Akkary, dropping him twice with clean shots. In the third round both fighters did very little, with Homayda not striking at all. Akkary with 2 front kicks and a couple of lows managed to win the round! Yet, the judges gave Homayda the highly debatable decision.

Elio Makhoul def. Robert Abou Sleiman Via second round submission (armbar)

Both fighters came out peppering one another with punches . It was not long before Makhoul took the fight to the ground and almost finished the fight with an arm triangle choke in the first. Sleiman was saved by the bell. In the second stanza, Makhoul managed to control his opponent, mount him, and connected with some heavy shots. Sleiman escaped and was in Makhoul’s guard when he was abruptly caught in a slick arm bar that ended the Fight. Notably, Makhoul won this match despite a 4kg weight disadvantage. Watch out for this kid!

Bachir Yammine def. Mohammad Jwaydi Via unanimous decision

After both fighters entered the cage , it was obvious from the opening seconds that Yammine’s experience was too much for the newcomer Jwaydi. It started with a vicious slam, followed by total domination. For three rounds, it was either no action or one sided action from the Tiger Muay Thai bull. While, this win was good for Yammine, it may be time to see him take it to the next level against stronger opposition.


Mahdi Sakamani def. Mohammad hoblos Via first round TKO (elbows)

Sakamani manhandled Hoblos in the opening minutes of the first round, took him down, and chipped away with punches and elbows until the fight was stopped. An easy for mahdi who dominated his opponent in an impressive manner! What a crazy debut for Sakamani.

Rachelle Abou Abdallah def. Sandy Nader Via first round TKO (punches)

One of the most dominant fights of the evening courtesy of Shogun newcomer, Rachelle Abou Abdallah. The fight began with straight punches to the face from both opponents. Abdallah transitioned to the clinch and switched levels for a takedown attempt, but sandy was able to land in half guard. It wasn’t long before Abdallah attempted a successful sweep, transitioning to full mount, and from there it was hell for Nader! Abdallah ground and pounded her way to a TKO win in the first round. A hell of a performance for Abou Abdallah.


Arnaud Castanier def. Serge Saad Via split decision

A super close fight with a decision that could have went either way. The fight was mostly on the ground with multiple submission attempts from Serge but could not manage to end it. Serge won the first and Arnaud earned the second , yet the third was so close with both fighters having the upper hand at some point . Castanier walks victorious!

Michel Aoun def. Alex Faycal Via first round submission

This fight started as both fighters calmy testing each otehr , Aoun making the first significant move by taking Faycal to the ground. Faycal, with his back on the cage, attempted a guillotine choke on Aoun, but Aoun successfully avoided the submission, dropped some elbows to the grill, and secured an impressive kimura for the submission victory in the first round.


Elias Baaklini def. Khalil Murad Via first round TKO (punches)

In what was the fastest fight of the night, Baaklini demolished his opponent in less than a minute after taking him and down unloading a barrage of heavy shots. This was a strong comeback after a two-year hiatus for the Predator, who silenced the Wolf and his contingent of fans in the audience.

Abdel Amir Hammoud def. Mohammad Farhat Via split decision (Main Event)

In what was the most anticipated fight of the evening, the Massive Farhat, and Tiger Muay Thai’s Big Man,Abdel Amir Hammoud, squared off.

Farhat was more aggressive in the first round, and managed to take Hammoud down and work from guard. In the second, Hammoud, the Lebanese Muay Thai Champ, kept his distance with stiff jabs and a couple of low kicks which left Farhat unable to stick to his gameplan. In the third round, Farhat managed to get Hammoud on his back, but couldn’t capitalize, as Hammoud was very active off his back. Hammoud’s long legs made it hard for Farhat to approach him, and when he did, Hammoud left him no space to attack. Hammoud was able to do enough in the judges’ eyes to win the match, and become a new force in the Light heavy weight division.

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