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Moe Fakhreddine to Hadbi: “Where I Come From, If You Talk Sh!t You Get F@ck*d Up”

Heading into his fight against Tahar Hadbi at Brave 9: “The Kingdom Of Champions” this November, Mohammad Fakhreddine was not a fan of the Algerian taunting him all along. Yet, in a recent interview with, Hadbi touched a nerve when he bluntly stated that it’s nothing personal against Fakhreddine!

Fakhreddine turned to with an epic response. The Lebanese made it crystal clear to Hadbi that their encounter on November 17th is definitely a personal one:


“Tahar Hadbi, you f@cked up very bad. I don’t know where you come from, but where I come from, if you talk sh!t about someone, you are going to get f@cked up!”

Mohammed Fakhreddine Vs. Tahar Hadbi is one of the most hyped up fights of Brave 9, and it has the makings of something that would actually deliver. This bout will open up the main card, and the winner will most likely get a shot at the title.
A volcanic rivalry between a verbal-trashing Algerian and a stoic Lebanese badass is coming your way this November!


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Check out the main card of Brave 9:

  • Lightweight: Ottman Azaitar x Alejandro Martínez (for the inaugural title)
  • Featherweight: Elias Boudegzdame (champion) x Lucas Mineiro
  • Bantamweight: Gurdarshan Mangat x Stephen Loman (for the inaugural title)
  • Welterweight: Jarrah Al Selawe x Carl Booth
  • Lightweight: Gesias Cavalcante x Alan Omer
  • Lightweight: Erick “Índio Brabo” x Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady
  • Welterweight: Mohammad Fakhreddine x Tahar Hadbi
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