Mohammad Fakhreddine: From Brave CF to UFC?

Recently, fight fans noticed Fakhreddine’s latest Facebook post, and apparently, he is looking for a manager who has contacts with the UFC.

Having grown as a fighter right in front of our eyes, Fakhreddine has risen up the ranks from an unknown competitor, to a contender, to become superstar and eventually a champion. If anyone is deserving of a UFC contract, to fight at the biggest promotion in the world, it’s surely Fakhreddine!

With a history of exciting fights, Fakhreddine has fought and defeated some of the biggest names in mixed martial arts both regionally and internationally both as a middleweight and as a welterweight. The former Desert Force welterweight champion holds notable victories over his impressive 10-1 record over the likes of Tarek Suleiman, Jarrah Al-Selawi, Thabet Agha, Georges Eid, Amr Wahmann and Aniss Hajjajy. He has won in every single way possible and has developed his game from a brawler into a technical mixed martial artist who is comfortable in any situation.

However, how sure is this UFC contract for Fakhreddine?

Currently signed to Brave Combat Federation, Fakhreddine could be one win shy of getting a Brave Combat Federation title shot, again! Being featured in the Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions trailer, it seems like Fakhreddine will take part of the fight card, yet his opponent has not been announced yet. Grabbing the Brave Combat Federation welterweight strap is one of the biggest honors to achieve in the sport of mixed martial arts, especially in a promotion that has grown as large and as fast as Brave Combat Federation has in the last year.

Only time can tell what’s next for Fakhreddine. Whether he gets a UFC contract or will make his way to the Brave Combat Federation welterweight title, keep your eyes on this guys as he is one of the hottest prospects mixed martial arts right now.

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