Mohammad Ghorabi Bullies His Way to Desert Force Al Academiya Title

Ghorabi KO's all opponents on his way to Academy Title

Ghorabi KO’s all opponents on his way to Academy Title


Mohammed Ghorabi looks like a comic book super hero. Most MMA fighters are in great shape, but their muscles are functional. Bulk is avoided, because any muscle mass without a purpose just makes it harder to find the weight class appropriate to your height and reach.

Ghorabi is the exception! And, you know what? It seems to be working for him.

Give credit where is due. I don’t like losing, but surely called this prediction the wrong way. Ghorabi was an underdog, but was able to use his skills, determination and unbelievable power to carry the day. Belharch was supposed to be the new breed of fighter, more sophisticated and skilled than the likes of Ghorabi.

Now it’s back to the drawing board. No amount of science can overcome heart and a will to win. Ghorabi’s rank at welterweight is surely directly under the Champ after TKO’ing everyone on his way to earn Desert Force “Al academiya” title!

It looks like it’s going to be one heck of a journey. At first i didn’t believe Ghorabi can compete with the top guys in the division. Then again, I didn’t expect Ghorabi to beat Belharch this way either. Amazing performance by the Lebanese beast making his way out of a tight leg lock and bullying Belharch to earn a Technical Knockout win in the opening round. Surely the most dominant performance that night!Team Shogun seem to be unstoppable, win after win, it will become hard to find these fighters any opponents!

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