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Ottman Azaitar MMA Fighter Morocco

Nothing can compare to family bond and for Ottman Azaitar, fighting is a family matter.

The Moroccan fighter is an undefeated mixed martial artist who will put his unblemished record on the line at Brave 2: Dynasty on December 2nd.

Compared to his brother, however, Azaitar is relatively less experienced. Abu Bakr “Gladiator” Azaitar is a 14-fight veteran, and has won all but one of his fights.

A fine example to set your younger brother, and Ottman inevitably looked up to his elder brother as hero.

“Abu was my biggest influence, like a role model for me. The way he changed personally, how the sport had a positive influence on him and became #1 very quickly in Germany with a successful career so I wanted to follow in his steps.”

They are a family of fighters, who are originally Moroccans, but Ottman and his big brother grew up in Germany as their father quickly noticed that the boisterous brothers had energy which needed harnessing.

“My father was a sportsman since a very young age, he trained in different martial arts. When we were growing up, he took us every Sunday to the forest and let us play there. We broke everything there, even the trees were not safe from us haha. When he saw all the energy we had, he took us to Jiu Jitsu classes, after that we shifted to Kickboxing and Thaiboxing which led to me joining the national team of Germany. After that we all fought in tournaments and started training Wrestling.”

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Ottman’s progression and inspiration for MMA was easy; he followed his beloved brother and role model AbuBakr. His brother is a winner, and Ottman quickly became focused on emulating his success.

“In 2012 I was with national team world championship in Russia, it was at that time Abu my brother started MMA. He made few fights and became very famous, Number 1 in Germany. That’s when I decided to start MMA. Sports definitely brought me and my brother closer together.”

Ottman and his brother are not just brother and friends, they are business partners, with the elder handling most of the media obligations and appearances – taking the lead.
There is a culture in the Azaitar family of winning, working hard and completely applying yourself 100% to your goals. This has translated to Ottman’s success; he has not tasted defeat to date, and he has finished all of his opponents emphatically.

“Ever since I had my debut in MMA, everything I start, I take it seriously. I put my effort in and try to get the best result I can. Even if I have no success, as long as I know that I put in all the effort. When it’s the start of something new, I go like professional and try to give my best always.”

In his professional debut, he knocked-out his opponent in 19 seconds and he has never looked back. He’s won six more fights since then and all but one of them in spectacular fashion. Ottman enters Brave 2: Dynasty facing his toughest test yet, against a dangerous fighter, Kevin Koldobsky, who may not wilt as easily as all of Ottman’s previous opponents. In fact, Koldobsky may test the chin of Azaitar, or even threaten him with submissions on the ground. Yet Ottman remains composed in the face of the biggest fight of his life, comforted by having his family in his corner, supporting him, giving him strength.

“My family is everything for me brother, all decisions, I ask my family, if they are happy with the decision, I’ll be happy with that. They also have a big influence in my personal and daily life, they support me and stay by my side. Inside and outside the cage.”

“Al hamdullilha, I feel good, I gave my best. My motto, I always give my best, however it goes it goes, I’ll never regret what I did. I will not judge myself, as long as I did my job and gave my best.”

Ottman Azaitar competes in the co-min event of Brave 2: Dynasty on December 2nd at Khalifa Sports City in Isa, Bahrain. Tickets are on sale now via and at SADAD outlets throughout Bahrain.

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