“Rami Aziz – Abdulkareem Alselwady” Verbal Shots Fired


With the rising popularity of mixed martial arts, more and more fighters are mastering the art of trash talking: some however, forget to become masters in their sport. Trash talking can definitely be a double edged sword; if you win, you get a big check and long-lasting fame but if you lose, you are left with nothing but humiliation and disappointment.

In this picture I'm challenging Abdul Kareem Al Selwady for the last time. This guy doesn't deserve any fight in…

Posted by Rami Aziz on Monday, February 1, 2016


What seemed to be a harmless feud between Rami Aziz and Abdulkareem Al Selwady at first, has now fully escalated into a legitimate dispute between the two. The beef has undergone a snowball effect, slowly becoming into what it is today, a cyber-war. The latest post by Rami Aziz dates a couple weeks back after his win at Desert Force 20 when he challenged Abdulkareem again. This was not the first time Aziz fired shots but the latter replied back by accepting Aziz’s challenge, by posting a photo on his social media with his fists up and a caption that said:

“I’m over here answering your call, Rami Aziz you want to fight ? Let’s handle this 1 on 1 in May.”

Not only had Selwady given the okay, but had also answered the call by setting a time frame.

Im over here answering the call, Rami Aziz you want to fight? lets handle this 1ON1 in May!! 2 Tuf 2 Tap 1ON1 Clothing

Posted by Abdul Kareem Al Selwady on Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Aziz did not take the time to fire back, promising that it will happen soon. The Iraqi also accuses Al Selwady for deleting his Twitter account following his reply!

It will happen soon friends 😎Is he to short to be on an 1×1 picture?Btw… He deleted his twitter account after my answer. Desert Force

Posted by Rami Aziz on Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Trash talking is an integral part of combat sports. Period. Whether that’s Desert Force,UFC boxing or kickboxing. Heck, one could make the claim that it goes hand-in-hand with any individual sport.

Sometimes, though, things get taken too far. Other times, they get taken a few steps too far.

What came about right after is pure mind games when Aziz asked Selwady if he feels that it is necessary to have his father with him when facing each other inside the cage, since he might be feeling ‘alone’. The spat between the two has taken a huge twist and may have become personal, which in turn will give MMA fans something of a possible spectacle to look forward to. So, will Desert Force officials announce the fight in the near future ? Only time will tell.

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  • No one knows rami Aziz, and his only chance to get on a main card fight, is to fight Karim.
    Attention whore.

    • Selwadi. You are a good fighter. But sometimes you talk too much. Win this fight with a finish not via judges’ score cards and you will prove yourself to be worthy of a title shot.

  • when selwady won the title there s no big names at the devision, he won some unknown guys , and now with this new comers like chaabane chaibadra and azedin elderbane and walid seghir… i think he ‘s goone

  • Probably better for him and all the other old ones to fight somewhere else , the new fighters are soooooooooo much better

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