Desert Force 18: Rami Hamed Survives Heel Hook, Smashes Sofiane Oudina

Desert Force 18


LEBANON | One of the most anticipated welterweight prospects in the region took little time to bloody his opponent and snatch a 3rd consecutive win in Desert Force promotion. Rami Hamed forced himself on the division and seems to be riding the fastest road to the title.

The welterweight bout was part of the preliminary card of Desert Force 18 which took place on the 17th of August at Hikmeh Stadium in Ghazir, Lebanon.

In the opening seconds of the first round, Hamed dropped Oudina with a one punch strike and followed up with fast and efficient punches leaving him bloodied and shaky. Half way through, Oudina went for a takedown sinking in a tight heel hook which seriously damaged Hamed’s knee yet the latter managed to escape and punish the Algerian with heavy hammers obliging the referee to step in and protect the fighter from further damage. Surprisingly enough , the winner Hamed was the one to lay down on the canvas due to a serious knee injury.

Hamed (3-0) now rides a 3 win streak under the Desert Force banner and could very well be the next in line for a title shot against the current Champion Mounir Lazzez. Oudina (2-1) marks his first loss in his MMA career.

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  • He reLly doesn’t deserve mounir…thas just bullshiyh between shogun and df. Jarrah finished sayah and Fakhreddine…. A and fought better fighters before. That bullsg

    • I cant imagine that why they are trying to make him the number 1,, he is a good fighter but come on thery are fighters much better than him and deserve mounir more than him, and there are a lot of????? About it ok so why not jarah vs Rami first ? Why Ramis oppenents are unkowen? ……

  • Tarek Sileiman vs ramy Hamed for contender. Jarra vs Monir for title

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