A Frustrated Tahar Hadbi Wants Rematch For Title; Awaiting Commission’s Ruling


Tahar Hadbi and Carl Booth were none too pleased with the way their fight was ended at the “Brave 5: Go For Glory” event in Mumbai, India. What was supposed to be a 5-round main event ended by round three, with Booth being awarded the unanimous decision victory.

Now, Hadbi, hopeful that the fight will be deemed a no-contest, is calling for an immediate rematch, and also asks that the rematch would serve as a title fight.


Tahar Hadbi:

“I just want to make this clear to everyone that I did not lose this fight. Booth didn’t win this fight, I am sure the promotion will turn this into a no contest soon.”

“He was tired in the third, and I was very sure I am going to finish him in the next 2 rounds. At the end of the third, when I saw the referee and announcer come into the cage, I thought I won by doctor stoppage.”

Following up on the matter, Brave Combat Federation has revealed that the All India Mixed-Martial Arts Federation (AIMMAF) is currently investigating the incident. Aditya PS, president of the AIMMAF, made the announcement the day following the event which took place in Mumbai on the 23rd of April 2017:

“An official appeal has been lodged with AIMMAF regarding the outcome of the Tahar Hadbi/Carl Booth fight and the events leading to the unanimous decision victory for Carl. The commission, along with our committee members and consulting experts will now follow the appropriate protocols in such cases. The footage will be reviewed along with all the necessary documentation and the commission will then pass its judgment” said Aditya.

The commission is expected to conclude their investigation within next week. Booth, meanwhile, sounds amenable to a rematch.

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