Team Nogueira Dubai on Board for Phoenix 4

Things keep getting better and better!!! After another successful event last week in London, England with Phoenix 3 UK vs. The World, Phoenix promotion has already jumped back on track, setting itself for Phoenix 4 at the end of this year.

Moving fast around the world, and now renowned for combining both Muaythai, as well as mixed martial arts fights in its events, Phoenix promotion is always looking to get the highest caliber of fighters to compete at the peak level of both martial arts.

Phoenix COO Serge Saad made his way to Dubai today, and looks to be bringing a handful of top fighters on board with him. Mind you, these fighters aren’t just any talents, they are some of the most notable faces in mixed martial arts on both the regional, as well as international scale.

Sporting the Phoenix Fighting Championship shirt, we can see the famous Team Nogueira Dubai’s very own (from right to left) Roman Wehbe, Mehdi Ramzani, Mounir Lazzaz, Moise Rimbon and Anas Siraj Mounir.

So, what up ?! Are they all signed to compete at Phoenix Fighting Championship 4? Is the “Sniper” coming back? Will they fight in the Muaythai ring or the mixed martial arts cage? Who will their opponents be?

There are many questions to ask and still a lot to find out. Be sure to tune in for more news and updates on Phoenix 4 Dubai.

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