Over-Heated Talk Between Walid Seghir And Aziz Julaidan As Seghir Calls Out The Champ

Trash talking is an integral part of combat sports. Period. Whether that’s UFC, WWE, boxing or kickboxing. Heck, one could make the claim that it goes hand-in-hand with any individual sport. You don’t have to be a trash talker to be a great MMA fighter, but a great MMA fighter with exceptional trash talking abilities happens to go a long way in establishing crossover stars.

Honestly, there’s nothing like a little animosity between fighters and seeing it all culminate in a big fight. It’s the main reason why we are so compelled with most of the fights.

Sometimes, though, things get taken too far. Other times, they get taken a few steps too far.

Walid Seghir made it no secret that he wasn’t interested in fighting Desert Force champion Aziz Julaidan anymore. After initially calling him out following his Desert Force debut, Seghir posted on social media that his interest is the face the current interim title holder Ezzedine Alderbane. Check out the facebook comments below to read how Seghir stared this campaign for a big money, high profile fight against Al Derbane.


After calling out the current champion Ezzedine Al Derbane, and shaming Aziz for trying to avoid his fights, Ezzedine jumped into the conversation in agreement, claiming that Aziz is out of Desert Force, and accepting the challenge! Seghir then went on to escalate the discussion, trashing the Saudi fighter who replied by dropping profanity like it’s nothing!

Julaidan, where you at? Al Derbane, are you ready to fight for the title? Taher Hamdan, it’s your call!

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