War of Words Between Mohammad Fakhreddine and Tahar Hadbi Ahead of Brave 9 Fight

The war of words between Mohammad “The Latest” Fakhreddine and Tahar Hadbi is getting brutal on social media!
Verbal sledgehammers have been swung back and forth between the Algerian Tahar Hadbi and the Lebanese Mohammad Fakhreddine.

The rivalry began after Hadbi had quite some foul tasting comments to make about Fakhreddine on multiple occasions. Most recently, Hadbi has mentioned Fakhreddine’s missed title fight at Brave CF 8 due to weight cutting issues that Fakhreddine suffered from, stating that it was “pathetic” of the former Desert Force middleweight champion and top welterweight superstar to miss weight and miss the fight. After that, Hadbi took yet another verbal crack at Fakhreddine, discussing his (Fakhreddine’s) potential UFC recruitment hopes and claiming that he’s going to turn Fakhreddine’s dream into a nightmare.

Obviously, since Hadbi hasn’t been acting so nicely towards Fakhreddine, the welterweight superstar has shared his own thoughts about Hadbi as well, saying the he believes that Hadbi is funny like a clown, commenting about his (Hadbi’s) self-proclaimed fast hands and mentioning how he believes Hadbi is going to be using them.

Verbal slurs have been thrown back and forth between these two, which will most likely make for a huge fight at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions come November 17th. Both these fighters are well-rounded and entertaining.

Fakhreddine holds a professional record of 10 wins with 1 loss, Hadbi holds a record of 13 wins with 6 losses, and both these fights have most of their wins coming by way of KO or TKO. Combining what’s been said with what’s about to go down on the 17th of November, we can expect nothing less than watching these fighters swing for the fences, looking for a finish, as well as some bragging rights.

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