2013 Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship Finals Video and Results

The Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship is a cash prize tournament and is striving to become the Gi counterpart to the ADCC’s.

The Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship is one of the biggest competitions in sport BJJ outside of the IBJJF. Back by money from the grappling crazed U.A.E., the tournament has attracted top talent with their cash prizes, this year topping out for $8,000 for a black belt division champion and $30,000 for an openweight champion. To compete in this tournament, grapplers must compete at a regional qualifying event and the can compete for cash prizes at blue, purple, brown and black belt.

At this year’s events Augusto Tanquinho scored an upset win over Ruchens Charles “Cobrinha, and Lucas Lepri defeated the Leandro Lo. Andre Galvao won by retirement as Romulo Barral suffered yet another knee injury, a very concerning pattern for that former World Champion. Rodolfo got back on the medal stand with yet another submission win, and Buchecha continues his momentum coming off double gold from the Pan Ams.

Enjoy the videos of the finals and here are the Full Results:

-64kg: Thiago Marques defeats Samuel Hertzog (Submission, Triangle)

-70kg: Augusto Tanquinho defeats Rubens Cobrinha (Points, 2-0)

-76kg: Lucas Lepri defeats Leandro Lo (Points, 1ADV)

-82kg: Victor Estima defeats Marcos Souza (Points, 2-0)

-88kg: André Galvão defeted Romulo Barral (Knee Injury)

-94kg: Rodolfo Vieira defeats Pedro Peres (Submission, Bow and Arrow Choke)

-100kg: Braga Neto defeats José Junior (Points, 2-0)

+100 Kg: Marcus Buchecha defeats Rodrigo Cavaca (Points, 7-2)

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