Ahmad Ondash Promoted To “Kru Yai” Following Exceptional Achievements

Following their return from Thailand, Team Shogun spearheaded by Grand Master Sami Kiblawi hosted a Muay Thai promotions ceremony that saw the advancement of the highest Muay Thai ranks in the Arab World.

The festivities witnessed the promotion of Marouan Keyrouz to Assistant Grand Master; Toni Andraos, Chadi Suidane, and Ali Makhzoum to Masters; and Wissam Abboud, Jihad Mokdad, Hassan Mansour, Manal Salman, and Ali Kalash to Assistant Master (kru yai).

Exceptionally, Ahmad Ondash was promoted to Assistant Master (kru yai) following his latest unprecedented achievements. Ondash recently stood as the first Lebanese to hold the WMO World Pro Champion (63Kg) title after an impressive victory over Thai opponent Silathong Numponthep at Beirut Fight Night. Earlier this month in Thailand, Ondash emerged as the world amateur champion at the 3rd Muay Boran Championship, in addition to earning one gold and one silver medal at the Muay Boran contests. A very much deserved promotion to the humble Ondash, surely an over-achiever who now serves as a glorious example to every other practitioner!

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