4 Clean Wins For Shishani Submission System At JAC 5


Amman, Jordan served as the host to Jordan’s Amateur Championship 5th installment. The card was stacked and full of promises featuring a main event under K1 rules between Lebanon’s Ahmed Ondash and Jordan’s Jalal Alda’Jaa that ended in a spectacular fashion. The card also featured some impressive finishes, property of Shishani Submission System athletes who walked in with 4 warriors and walked away with 4 wins, 3 of which were highlights of that fight night.

The Venue
King Hussein Sports City, New Boxing Arena

The Fighters

  • Mohammad Mherat Vs Ibrahim Ali
  • Ali Mashaleh Vs Ihab Horani
  • Motaz Tomaizi Vs Moh. Olaimat
  • Jaafar Al-Tamimi Vs Saleem Albakri

The Verdict

Moammad Mherat’s superior grappling skills were clear throughout the fight as he attempted multiple take downs and showcased a beautiful Harai Goshi early in the fight. Mherat dictated the pace in round 1 & 2 leading to a victory Via Unanimous Decision.

Mashaleh was the more aggressor in his bout against Ibrahim Ali, controlling the center and landing a big right hook in the first round. He then went on to deliver a frightening head kick knockout in round 2, sending his opponent face first to the canvas.(Check Video Below)

A huge high kick from Ali al-Mashaaleh left Ehab out cold at the canvas:

A video posted by (@arabsmma) on

Moataz Tomaizi was the more technical in this bout. Tomaizi ended the first round on top after a successful take down attempt followed by some ground and pound. In the second he rushed in with vicious punches , forcing Olimat to cover before taking him down and forcing him to tap. Tomaizi is the new JAC featherweight champion after an impressive second round submission win (Americana).

Al Tamimi made quick work of Albakri as he took him down early in the first, pinned him and secured a very tight armbar. Al-Tamimi is the new JAC lightweight champion Via armbar submission in the first stanza.

The Conclusion

Those fighters are training with one of the best coaches on the region. It seems there’s no room for losing in Ashraf Shishani’s System. SSS fighters could very well be the next generation of professional fighters to represent Jordan inside and outside the kingdom. It’s all about dedication, training and perfect timing.

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