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5 Most Anticipated Arab Fighters At Brave 9

Featured 5 arab fighters

5 Most anticipated Arab Fighters crowd wants at Brave 9

With Brave Combat Federation getting ready to wrap up the year, Brave 9 brings back the promotion to its home, as part of an international Combat Week which includes the 2017 Amateur IMMAF World Championships.

Borders were crossed, titles were given and fighters stood out in the first year of the promotion in business.

With less than 3 months until Brave 9 lands again on Arab soil, we look at the top 5 most anticipated Arab fighters take part of what could be the biggest card to date. Let’s begin!

Mohammad Fakhreddine

Two fights, Two Remarkable Technical Knockouts.

Despite recently drubbing his chance of making history and fighting for the Brave welterweight title, Fakhreddine is still considered the biggest Middle Eastern signing made by the promotion.

After breaking open his opponents head in his promotional debut, Fakhreddine went on to plug Poland’s Lukasz Witos and finish him with style at Brave Kazakhstan. That marked his second finish under Brave banner and cemented a 10th victory on his record.

Missing weight in a title fight is surely a dark tint for the Lebanese fighter, but his presence on any card guarantees a huge following and fight build up especially in the Middle East.

It is almost certain that Mohammed “The Latest“ Fakhreddine will be on the November card.

Abdulkareem Al Selwady

Selwady is one of those guys that has the skill to be a big star and its just a matter of time before he put together a good string of wins under Brave banner.

His young age and constant progression makes him a very dangerous lightweight contender. Rumor has it that he is next in line to fight for the inaugural Brave Combat Federation lightweight strap.

Al Selwady headlined the first Brave event which also took place in Bahrain. Those who tuned in, surely remember how he pummeled Rami Aziz before submitting him in the first round.
In his latest appearance he TKO’d Michael Diega-Scheck at Brave 4 Unstoppable in March.

It is also notable to mention his rivalry with Alejandro Martinez, the Mexican fighter who now also boasts 2 decisive victories in Brave.
A title fight pitting those two could be a super addition to the Brave 9 fight card. If not expect Al Selwady to come out looking for a decisive win against whoever the promotion feeds him.

Jarrah Alselawi

Jarrah Al Selawi is an explosive, well-rounded fighter who can finish anyone in a heart beat.

He made his promotional debut against Sweden’s Erik Carlson, controlling the fight and submitting the later via Kimura.

He is also tough as nails as evidenced at Brave 4 “Unstoppable”, when he made a tough comeback against Italy’s #1 welterweight Danielle Scatizzi. He lost the first round, then came back and controlled the rest of the battle.

He has lots of heart and is someone to watch out for. A lot of match ups make sense for the Jordanian Lion.

Want to see him in beast mode? Give him his long awaited rematch against Carl Booth and watch the Arab fans go crazy!

Ahmed Amir

Why Ahmed Amir? Because he is a BADASS!

Representing Egypt with a strong head and exceptional fighting style, Amir walked into the promotion as an underdog and proved him self to be a force to reckon.

His first victim was the JiuJitsu stand out Richie Boogieman Martinez. Martinez was famous for earning his blackbelt in less than 4 years, but it took Amir less than 1 round to drop him and pound his way to the biggest upset the promotion has seen.

He then faced up with Kevin Koldobskey, who fights out of the infamous SBG Ireland. Can you guess who that ended ? Yup, he put him to sleep.

So far, Amir has TKO’d grapplers and submitted strikers! He now plans to fight at lightweight as he surely earned more recognition after those 2 performances. Personally, I want to see Amir fight anyone and win again. Wake me up when November comes!

Hamza Kooheji

Known as the Ambassador of MMA in Bahrain, Kooheji will fill up the stadium anyday if the event is taking place in the Kingdom. His grinding style along with the quality of training he’s been receiving at KHK MMA, makes him a constantly progressing prospect to keep an eye on.

With 2 wins under Brave, watch his fight against Pacatiw, then watch what Pacatiw has been doing in his last 2 fights. That’s the type of pressure Kooheji can put his opponents under when he takes them to the ground.

Brave 9 in November, you can bet your house that the Bahraini Golden Boy will have a piece of that cake.

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