5 Crushing Finishes By Phoenix 3 Fighters


Having the ability to finish fights will undoubtedly boost a fighter’s career significantly. Doing so in an effective and devastating fashion will land the fighters unique opportunities, possibly on lucrative fight cards.

Whether it’s a punch, kick or knee knockout, the finishers that are taking part of the hybrid Phoenix 3 Muaythai and MMA fight card have done it all. Take a look at the 5 destructive finishes we hand-picked , featuring Muaythai and MMA fighters taking part of Phoenix 3 London on Sept. 22.

August 7, 2017: Youssef Boughanem vs. Yodpayak Sitsongpeenong

Moroccan/ Belgium fighter Youssef Boughanem will be headlining the Phoenix 3 London card taking place at O2 at the Indigo on Sept. 22, 2017. He takes on UK’s Jake Purdy for the Phoenix Middleweight Muaythai world title.

Exactly 1 month ago, he went to war against the highly ranked Sitsongpeenong as they fought for the Rajadamnern Stadium Super Welterweight Title. Watch Boughanem, get hit by a devastating headkick and make a huge comeback to knockout the Thai fighter and win the battle.

March 23, 2013: Stephen Wakeling vs. Eddie Walker

Coming from fighting bloodline, with both his parents being fighters, the dangerously aggressive Stephen Wakeling will be part of the UK team, at the Phoenix 3 UK vs. The World fight card. He takes on Cheikh Sibide for the Phoenix Cruiserweight Muaythai world title in the co-main event. He brings destructive power and iron toughness to all his fights and here’s a sample of what his leg kicks can do. Watch him demolish his opponent at Glory 5 in an illustration of why this beast of a man, 2x WBC world champion, WMC world champion, has found it hard to find opponents.

March 14, 2016: Izzedine Alderbani vs. Hamza Kooheji

Fans want to see fights being finished, and this knockout certainly put an early end to this fight. Alderbani who took part of the Muaythai card at Phoenix 2 will shift back to MMA this time. He will take on UK’s own Ashleigh Grimshaw at Phoenix 3 London. Watch him showcase his killer instinct when he sniped Kooheji with a lethal knee, that left his opponent floored for over 5 minutes and earned him the Desert Force interim featherweight title holder.

June 29, 2016: Alfie Davis vs. Nick Bader

Despite his big knockout win at Bellator 179: Daley vs. MacDonald, Alfie Davis’s Axe Kick KO in this K1 fight is still the highlight of his career. He dropped Nick Bader with style, a finish that went viral and added to this prospects journey. In London, he will get tested against Lebanon’s Youssef Wehbe, the Desert Force promotion, lightweight champion.
Two young guns will look to entertain and prove dominance in career shifting fight on September 22.

December 30, 2016: Rafael Fiziev vs. O A Seed Patong

The Kyrgyzstani, Rafael Fiziev is certainly one of the hardest hitters on the Phoenix 3 fight card. A solid built eastern European with hands of steel, Fiziev will face the experienced Salah “ The Beast “ Khalifa in what we expect to be the fight of the night.

Fiziev has proved on multiple occasions that he can finish fights. Watch him utilize his concussive punching power against this Thai fighter.

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