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971 FC Co-Main and Main Event | Full Breakdown

We have given a detailed play-by-play account on all the action that took place in the co-main and main event of 971 FC.

The dual co-main events and main event were spirited affairs.One fight went to decision, one was a dominant performance by a young prospect that would end in submission and one was a back-and-forth bout that would end in a brutal KO. The last three bouts on the card had it all! Check out the full results HERE.

Eslam Abdul Baset vs Dan Vinni

The first co-main event was a barnburner between a tough veteran and a young superstar in the making. Both men showed incredible grit and skill in this one.

Round 1 – In the first opening minute, both competitors were looking to gauge the distance. Eslam was able to catch Vinni with a big left hand that would hurt the Englishman, forcing him to shoot for a takedown, where he ate a left uppercut on the way in.

Both men would continue to grapple hard , where Vinni would gain top position from a leg lock attempt.Oddly and quite comically, Syaha would then throw elbows to the glutes of Vinni to try and inflict some damage whilst being on the bottom.

The Egyptian would then reverse the position, where he would close out the round with heavy ground and pound shots.

Score: Syaha 10-9

Round 2 – Syaha would look to establish control in the centre of the ring from the get go ; landing big shots on the veteran and showing his power advantage as well as dropping Vinni early in the 2nd round also. Vinni would shoot for another sloppy takedown that Syaha would stuff and use this to his advantage to gain a top control advantage.

When the fight was on the feet, Syaha would land heavy calf kicks and power shots, which would force the 35 year old to shoot for takedowns, Syaha would comfortably defend against all these attempts and reverse the takedowns quite easily.

Score: 10-9 Syaha

Round 3 – The pace had slowed significantly by this point.This is also the round where Vinni would have the most success.He was able to take Syaha down and take his back very slickly with his hand underneath the neck and threatening the choke, even flattening him out on the matt.

The Englishman would rally in the 3rd round and control the bout in the last and final round.

Score: 10-9 Vinni

The fight was a back and forth affair, but Syaha would win by Unanimous decision, with many believing he handily won the 1st and 2nd round.

John Mitchell vs Adham Mohammed

The second co -main event was the John Mitchell Show. Mitchell would fire that jab early, peppering Adham with jabs and front body kicks ,  looking to establish the striking distance early.Adham would in return, try and press forward and take Mitchell down, opting to try and use the fence to aid him in his strategy in attempting to make this a ground fight. The 28 year old Irish man was too crafty though, even managing to sweep the Egyptian and quickly get into a full mount position momentarily.

They would then disengage and Mitchell would continue to use his strength advantage to take Adham down again and demonstrate strong top positional control, showering down heavy ground and pound softening him up in the process; before putting him to sleep by rear naked choke at 4:57 of the 1st round.

What an incredible performance and a great night for John Mitchell!

John Mitchell defeats Mohammed Adham in 1st round by rear naked choke. (4:57)


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Mohammed Fakhreddine vs Gianni Melillo  

Round 1 – Fakhreddine would start the right with a lot of aggression and open up the fight with his trademark low kick, he would however get dropped on the first exchange early by a fast right hand from Melillo, where the Italian would then maintain top control for the rest of the 1st round, despite the 40-year-old’s attempts to escape via butterfly sweep. Mellio was able to close out the round with solid ground and pound with crisp elbows.

Score: Melillo 10 – 9

Round 2 – Fakhreddine would start this round like a man possessed. He would hurt Mellio with the first shot, a stiff straight hand, rocking him and simultaneously taking him down at the same time and closing the show with violent ground and pound, putting the Italian to sleep. Hitting him with multiple shots after his opponent was out unconscious. It was obvious that there was no love lost between the two men afterwards.

Fakhreddine Defeats Mellio Round 2 via KO (0.09)


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This whole event was an incredible success. We had drama, submissions and knockouts. Are you going to stay tuned for the next event? We certainly will be!


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