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Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady: “When I fight in Jordan, the arena SHAKES!”

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Campaigning for a Brave Combat Federation event in Jordan for almost a year, Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady’s wish finally came true with Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises is set for Jordan on March the 2nd, marking the promotion’s 10th event.
Though no official match ups have been created thus far, Al-Selwady is hopeful to have a place on the fight card and already has an opponent in mind for his upcoming 9th professional bout.

Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady:

“Once I clear the contract negotiations I would like to fight at Brave CF 10. I called out Charlie Leary since he thinks he deserves a title shot. I think it would be a great and explosive match with one of us having to finish the other.”

Al-Selwady vs. Leary would actually make for a great title eliminator match-up, and what could be better for Al-Selwady than the contest taking place in his own backyard of Jordan? Since his professional debut back in 2012, Al-Selwady has fought 4 times in Jordan, the last being his epic 3 round battle against Lois Cadet in 2015, where he dug deep to come back from some intense adversity dished out by Cadet early in the fight to score a unanimous decision victory. So, it’s safe to say that Al-Selwady has a great relationship with his fans and the supportive Jordanian crowd, claiming to always be ready to provide them with the kind of excitement that they anticipate during a fight.

“When I fight in Jordan the arena SHAKES! I’ve had great chemistry with the Jordanian crowd ever since my first fight. I know what they want and I give it to them. They really appreciate explosive fights and provide me with the energy that I need to push through. The last time I fought in my hometown was on May 2015, so this will be a very big event for me and all the Jordanian MMA fans. Ever since Brave CF announced that Jordan will be the next, I’ve been getting plenty of messages from the fans showing their excitement towards the event. I can’t wait.”

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