Desert Force “Vs The World” Recap: Abdulamalek Mardhi vs Sultan Ali Owais


This fight promised to get the crowd on their feet! Two GCC fighters battling it out in Dubai! Sultan walked out looking very confident and was cheered on by his coach Najmeddin al Haddad. He walked into the cage and promptly ran up the side posts and performed a back flip. Could he walk the walk?

Sultan spent little time taking the fight to the matt with a trip and initially looked to be controlling the fight. Mardhi though had other plans and was clearly the stronger fighter and was capable to holding onto locks and tyeing up Sultan’s leg before reversing the roles and landing in top position from where he dropped elbows and strikes.

They both then traded kicks and punches but Sultan soon realized that his advantage was on the ground and went for a take down which Abdulmalek stuffed well. Sultan tried another takedown attempt near the end of the round when it became clear that Mardhi had the advantage up top only to be stuffed again by the Saudi!

The second round started with Mardhi keeping Sultan in his striking range. Sultan attempted another single leg takedown but Mardhi did a great job stuffing it and delivered some serious damage with short punches in the process bloodying Sultan’s face. When Mardhi broke free of the single leg hold the damage done became clear and Najmeddin decided he had seen enough and threw in the towel to avoid his fighter getting seriously hurt.

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