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Abdulkareem Al Selwady: I Want To Rematch Aziz Julaidan For The Title

Abdulkareem Al Selwady

Abdulkareem Al Selwady discusses Desert Force 18 main card fights and calls for a title fight rematch against Aziz Julaidan. Al Selwady seems all set and ready to get his shield back home!

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  • bla bla bla bla bla

    shut up man. Fight Rami Aziz, Elias Boudegzdame and Chabanne Chaibeddra who all deserve it more. WHy do you keep avoiding them. Get over yourself

    • Hhh i love ure comments man he speaks lot am pretty sure chabanne chaibeddra can finish him easly

      • thanks man. Its crazy man, he keeps talking and talking about that fight, but why dont they give him a big fight/ its beter for his career too. Elias, chabane or rami. II dont think anyoone but him want to see the aziz rematch

        • Ure right hamzah.Will see if desert force can give him this shut and listen to what fans think about

  • بتوقع أحسن عزيز يلعب مع شعبان وعبدالكريم يلعب مع إلياس على المبارة الجاي عل لقب أحسن

  • Im waiting to c his rematch with julidan …though i really feel that he will leave him self open again and loose….again.
    Selwady…focus on your carrier and skills….dont personlize any fight

  • With all due respect , his last fight was a big flip ! The french guy was the dominant during the 3 rounds and selwady was lucky enough to endure the punches… order to have a title fight , selwady should fight once more ….the same weird score is applied to sylvestre seba s fight

  • He should also be tested… 100%. The way he was woblly and then came back, fought, woblly… not norma

  • I wish they lock all of you up with selwady in the cage, people talk too much

  • Maybe, but ‘fans’ pay the bills… no fans, no dessert force. And why he not fight elias, chabanne or rami? Ever? And why he no do testing?

  • Selwady talks too muck and does very little. He must win at least 2 more matches against worthy opponents. He must also win convincingly, that is either a KO or submission not a decision. Ariziz Julidan must also defend his title. Desert force should not keep spoiling the champs. They should be tested against worthy challengers.

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