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Abdulkareem Al Selwady | I Am Here To Stay And Show I Am The Best

Coming out of the landmark “Brave: The Beginning” event in Bahrain, one of the most talked about fights on the card, as expected, was the headliner in which Abdulkareem Al Selwady and Rami Aziz battled to end a 2-year rivalry. The bad blood was indeed real, and it took Al Selwady less than one round to lock up Aziz in a submission hold forcing him to give up before his bones break or he goes unconscious.

In speaking with the folks at ArabsMMA after the fight, Al Selwady spoke about his performance against Rami Aziz, and sent a message to the fans who taunted him for hiding away during the verbal war.

“There was a lot of trash talk coming into this fight, people were thinking that I was scared and that he was under my skin from all the trash talk.”

A very headstrong man, Selwady marched to the beat of his own drum and managed to disregard the clashes during the build up to the fight.

“My coach Ashraf Shishani advised me not to say anything, and reply to him in the cage. I was full of confidence, and yet working my butt off in the gym.”

The Jordanian was on fire that night!

“I just wanted to beat this guy after all that talk that went on. The fight went as planned, even better. I finished him in the first round.”

As Selwady continued, he switched focus on what’s next for him at Brave Combat Federation:

“Whatever Brave gives me, I am here to stay and show I am number 1. I feel very strong at lightweight, and I am staying in this weight division. I’ll keep taking the fights they give me until I get the title.”

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