AbdulKareem Selwady: Inshalla I Will Dominate Lois, Hands on Julaidan


Desert Force 17’s most talked about fight on social media has the former featherweight champion Abdulkareem Alselwady face Lois Cadet, in his first fight after losing the belt. Ever since that day, the young and talented Jordanian has been clear, “I WANT MY REMATCH”.

In his latest pre fight interview (video below), Selwady made a statement that got the champ’s attention and led to this instagram post which made headlines on ArabsMMA.

“I said what I had to say in the interview, now I am just excited to fight on May 25 and Inshalla I will dominate Lois Cadet and then I will finally lay my hands on Julaidan.”

That was what the former champion had to say after the latest intagram post by the Desert Force champion Aziz Julaidan. A calm and determined Selwady is not to be distracted. His determination is surely remarkable and a Juladain Vs Selwady 2 is on everybody’s mind no doubt.

For those of you who just got on our train, here are four reasons why this match up is a must see when May 25th marks your calendar.

  • This is Selwady’s first fight after losing his title to current featherweight Champion Aziz Julaidan back in Desert Force 14
  • The fight will be happening on Selwady’s own soil, Amman, Jordan. Remember this one , when the Jordanian makes his way to the cage , the crowd is going BONKERS
  • Here’s the main reason for all this noise, Lois Cadet is Aziz Julaidan’s teammate and sparring partner! That’s a double ended sword. Lois will have an edge in terms of what to expect, yet a win from Selwady will send a rough and clear message to Icon BJJ Team and Julaidan in particular.
  • Ashraf Shishani will be in his corner! Enough Said…

This fight will part of the main card at Desert Force 17 which will be aired live on MBC Action. If this fact changed we will be sure to inform you as last minute changes are always prone to happen.

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