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Abdullah Al Qahtani on his fight at PFL vs. Bellator card

Abdullah Al Qahtani, that’s the name you want to get familiar with. Not only he’s the first Saudi Arabian fighter to get a PFL deal, but also he will compete at the Super Fight card on February 24. PFL vs. Bellator: Champs which takes place in Riyadh and will feature champs and top-tier talents from both promotions.

But how did we get there? MMA was a niche sport in Saudi Arabia, a sport, that Abdullah Al Qahtani helped to grow.

“Back then no one knew what MMA was, but now all the people know what is MMA now …and they like it. It’s a big difference now I feel it’s the best time for the MMA in Saudi Arabia.”

The Saudi Arabian fighter replies easily to whom he deserves his success at the beginning stage of his career. Acknowledging his team as his family.

“My mom and my coach, and ofcourse my team. I owe it all to them. ”

Being the first Middle Eastern fighter to sign with PFL was a big deal, but Al Qahtani believes that they’ve signed him because he’s a top-caliber fighter:

“It’s a big honor to sign with PFL. I signed with PFL because I’m one of the best fighters in the world and they know it.  It’s a big platform for fighters and all the fighters know this too. Alhamdulillah I’m with PFL I’m very happy,  really happy for what is coming in the future.”

His promotional debut was heavily promoted, PFL even put a mini-documentary about it. The hero himself had this to say:

” That part made me very proud. You should also watch it, I loved it. It highlights some details about my mom and family,  I really enjoyed it and grateful that it was created.”


And as far as any PFL signing goes, there’s a matter of a season, that he should go through. Abdullah Al Qahtani is looking forward to it:

“The PFL season, I like it because it’s like tournament you need to know what you’re gonna do in the fight and how to win without a damage because you need to be ready for the next one… it’s hard but it’s crazy. Really I like it… Match to match it’s good but the season it’s crazy you feel like a fighter in a war you need to finish all who’s in your way.”

So being a professional and anticipating his upcoming fight, Al Qahtani put in the time to scout his next opponent and is ready to take him on:

“I know everything about him. But the thing what I’m sure I know it I’m gonna win the fight inchallah and I’m gonna let the people be happy for the fight.”

The PFL vs, Bellator takes place on Saturday, February 24 at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, If you will not be watching please keep in mind that will report live from the scene and post the live results.



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