Abu El Ragheb Successful in his CWFC Amateur Debut


On the 28th of March 2014, Amman witnessed another successful MMA event in the Middle East: Cage Warriors fighting championship, which happens to be the number one mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in Europe.

As usual, Naeem Deranieh from ArabsMMA was on scene to keep you updated and bring you exclusive interviews with your favorite local amateur fighters.

Saddam Abu El Ragheb (fighting out of Gladiator MMA Jordan – Team Narmouq) made his amateur debut against Lebanese Mohamed Abbani with an excellent performance, and finished the fight by TKO in the second round. Saddam Abu El Ragheb managed to take Abbani down with a blink of an eye and ground n ‘pound his way to victory. That was no surprise as Timour Narmouq is the man behind him. This guy is a machine with one hell of a solid Chin!

Saddam told Arabsmma :

“Before my fight, I heard that Abbani is a skilled Muay Thai practioner, but I didn’t care because I had worked hard on my striking with coach Saif Narmouq, and I also refined my boxing skills with coach Mohanad Theeb.

Everyone knows am a grappling guy but this time I really wanted to stand up and strike. People love a good show. I am confident with my grappling skills and I love to take people down and work my ground n’ pound, so I used it to finish the fight.

I would also like to thank ArabsMMA who had contributed to my win. Cutting weight was exhausting before the fight, but the big support from ArabsMMA fans got me back on track.”

Saddam added that he might fight in CWFC fight night 11 in three weeks, so he had to make sure that he wouldn’t suffer serious injuries after this fight.

Jordan was the first country to be visited by Cage Warriors in the Arab World in 2014, and they are planning to hold another event in Amman – Jordan in April 2014 as the super enthusiastic and hospitable crowd encouraged them to.

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