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Abu Muslim Alikhanov: Dagestani Dominance at ONE

Abu Muslim “Merciless” Alikhanov dominates Pascal “Money P” Jaskiewiez

Abu Muslim Alikhanov made his debut memorable at ONE Championship showcasing a textbook display of Dagestani grappling at ONE: A NEW BREED II on Friday, 11 September. He secured the win with a second-round leg lock submission over Pascal “Money P” Jaskiewiez.

Alikhanov demonstrated dominance early on as he anticipated the opponent’s strategy early on. Jaskiewiez pushed forward to pressure Alikhanov during the first round. However, Alikhanov neutralized the threat with his superior wrestling skills. The Russian timed an oncoming leg kick for a takedown. Alikhanov displayed his superior grappling with three takedowns, including one late in the round.

The Tiger Muay Thai-trained Russian had clearly figured out his opponent’s timing. When Jaskiewiez moved aggressively at the start of the second round, Alikhanov successfully took down his opponent for the fourth time and went ahead with an unsuccessful Americana submission attempt.

Alikhanov locks in the submission

He timed another takedown off of Jaskiewiez’s strikes, and while the Frenchman tried to kick away and return to his feet, the Russian grappling ace grabbed his right leg and sat back for a leg lock. As they rolled, “Merciless” torqued and forced the tap at 2:08 of the second round.

Alikhanov trains under George and Frank Hickman at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand. It was a dominant performance from the man who moved to Thailand to work on his striking at Tiger Muay Thai.

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