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ADCC Kuwait Partners with UFC Fight Pass

ADCC Kuwait UFC Fight Pass

In a groundbreaking development for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Middle East, ADCC Kuwait has earned several milestones. The submission grappling competition is set to be live-streamed on UFC Fight Pass for the first time in the region. This is a major leap in the exposure and accessibility of the sport.

ADCC Kuwait on UFC Fight Pass

This historic news has attracted the attention of global corporations, securing new sponsorships and partnerships. Ooredoo, a telecommunications giant, has become a main sponsor for ADCC Kuwait. Ooredoo involvement marks an impressive endorsement.

Joining Ooredoo in this sponsorship lineup are several influential names in the martial arts and sports equipment industry. Fuji Mats, known for providing top-quality mats, and Caracal Sports, the biggest BJJ clothing brand in the UAE, are also key sponsors. Additionally, Pitbull West Coast, a leading brand in martial arts apparel, further bolsters the event’s profile. This demonstrates their commitment to the growth of martial arts in the region.

The ADCC Kuwait event is poised to be the largest of its kind in Middle East history, both in terms of participant numbers and prize money. The event has attracted an unprecedented level of interest, with more countries signed up than ever before. With 304 competitors, it has become the most significant event in Kuwait’s history and the Middle East. The event has attracted unprecedented interest, with most countries ever participating from outside Kuwait. This includes the highest number of competitors from Kuwait itself.

Highlighting the scale of this event, ADCC Kuwait will feature prominent figures in the martial arts world. Diego Salomao, a 2x ADCC Brazil Trials winner, Marcin Bandel, a former UFC fighter, Matheus Felipe, known for his achievements in One FC and as a 2x ADCC Open Champ, and Abdulmalik, a newly signed ONE FC athlete and NCAA Wrestling Champion, are among the notable participants. This robust lineup underscores the event’s prestige and its allure to top-tier athletes.

Furthermore, ADCC Kuwait is distinguished as the first-ever ADCC Open in the GCC and the biggest ADCC Open in the Middle East. The event also stands out for offering the most substantial prize money in ADCC Middle East history, exceeding $10,000.

This event is more than a competition, it’s a celebration of the sport’s burgeoning popularity in the Middle East. The partnership with UFC Fight Pass is particularly noteworthy, as it brings the event to an international audience across 200+ countries.

ADCC Kuwait will take place February 2-3 and is a no-gi grappling competition. The Middle East Open will feature multiple divisions such as the master, kid, teens, and an absolute for men and women.

For registration information for all divisions, one can check out Smooth Comp for more.


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