ADFC 4 Will Not Take Place in December 2014


It’s official… ADFC 4, the beleaguered MMA promotion based out of Abu Dhabi, is cancelled and will not take place in December 2014.

The rumor mill has since gone into overdrive. Officially ADFC 4 have decided to re-organize their approach and have said that they will come back again in 2014 with a brand new format. Unofficially there are a number of conspiracy theories out there… Have ADFC thrown in the towel to Desert Force and Dubai FC with this latest postponement? What will this spell for the many fighters who still have a contractual obligation in the promotion but are eager to get back into the Octagon as soon as possible to get their careers on track?

ArabsMMA will reach out to ADFC for a response and will update our readers soon

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  • أنا مدرب ورئيس لجنه mma في العراق حابين نشارك في بطولاتكم وفي عندي cv للمقاتلين أرجو الرد لذلك

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