ADFC prepares for the first Arabic MMA Reality Show

isee Entertainment and Events COO Randall Yogachandra reveals to Physique Magazine about their plans for the MMA reality show. “MMA Reality show is a concept that ADFC and isee came up with together to create something more unique for Arab fighters. The reality show will showcase 16 of the top Arab fighters in the region. “The best way to help Arab fighters is creating a reality show. We could unite all the Arab fighters and all other organizations to come and show their fighters talent on national TV. It’ll increase the awareness of Arab fighters around the region and internationally. Shamil Abdurahimov came to UAE all the way from Russia to support the MMA reality show. “The reality show is really good in many ways for all Arab fighters; I support the MMA reality show and I’m so excited to be a part of it,” said Shamil.

The MMA reality show also allows Arabic people from other countries. The reality show will also promote the champion of ADFC. Shamil would be fighting for the pro fight in ADFC .This is the one area where the reality show and the ADFC are in the same format as UFC and The Ultimate Fighter . Cultural and social Elements of the Show A lot of Arab fighters come from humble beginnings.
The reality show will focus not only on MMA but also the social elements of Arab communities and Arab life.

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  • تحيه طيبه لكل العالملين على البرنامج بدايه بكل الفايترز وهم احب الشباب الي قلبي ( سعيد و ميشيل و ناصر و ثابت و سعد وسيف وشوقي وجورج وعادل وثابت وطارق و احمد وحذيفه ومصطفى ) وكل العاملين على البرنامج من طاقم العمل خلف الكميرات والمنظمين والاداره كامله .

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