After Glory 20, Saulo Calavari Visits Shogun Gym In Lebanon

Saulo Calavari Visits Shogun Gym In Lebanon


Glory 20 Brazilian Veteran Saulo Calavari paid a visit this week to the infamous Shogun Gym in Lebanon. Calavari fought in Glory 20 when it hit Dubai this April outperforming his Russian opponent and earning the victory.

He represents the Thai Brasil team and arrived in GLORY on the back of an extensive winning streak which has seen him win numerous regional and national titles in his homeland, plus victories in reputable international competitions such as Russia’s 2012 TAFTNET Cup tournament.

Cavalari’s nickname is ‘Cassius Clay’, as much for his personality as his fighting style and tendency to use fast hand combinations.

During his visit, the Brazilian trained with each of Kassem Daher, Nour Salman, the prodigy Ramadan Ondash, Rocky Kiblawi, Walid Masra, Bassam Nassar, Jihad Mokdad, and Master Sami Kiblawi himself.

Saulo Calavari:

I would like to thank everyone for hosting me here, I heard a lot about Shogun Gym before visiting Lebanon. Your training and fighting skills are exceptional, and I believe I have learned a lot from you.

Saulo Calavari will return again today to Shogun Gym for another session, make your way there if you are in Lebanon!

Watch Saulo Calavari’s last fight at Glory 20 Dubai here:

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