Ahmed Al Boussairy to Bring Albuquerque’s Jacksons MMA to Kuwait


MMA took the Arab region by storm with a very successful organizations such as Desert Force, GFC, ADFC, and more where even international fighters enrolled. As more and more events started rising, more and more fighters were interested in getting ready to compete on a high level. That’s when local gyms started stepping up and international franchises found an interesting market to tackle. From Team Nogueira in Dubai to Lebanon’s Tristar Gym and recently, a huge step up in Kuwait, with the first Jackson’s MMA affiliated Gym.

Desert Force contender Ahmed Al Boussairy, one of the most famous Kuwaiti MMA fighters, had recently revealed to ArabsMMA that his visit to Albuquerque is more than just a training camp.

Al boussairy To ArabsMMA:

I have been here in Albuquerque for 2 weeks working out with the guys at the pro gym at Jackson’s MMA improving my fighting skills and learning new techniques and new fighting tactics. But the main reason I am here for is becoming the exclusive affiliation of Jackson’s MMA in Kuwait and the first in the region.

We had a course of long hours with coach Greg Jackson giving us new perspectives we were not aware of and enhancing ideas that we thought were good all of this, because to representing a person like the greatest coach in MMA, you’ve got to be highly educated and know what you’re doing.

If anybody wants to be a part of Jackson’s MMA in Kuwait you are most welcome in my Team “Be Water” located in Kuwait City.

So for the few who don’t know who Greg Jackson is, here’s a little introduction: Coach Jackson has trained over 15 world champions and Team Jackson-Winkeljohn has been named “Team of the Year” twice by the World MMA Awards. In addition to this, Greg himself has won the World MMA Awards “Shawn Tomkins Coach of the Year” three times (2009~2011), as well as being inducted into the Grapplers Quest Inaugural Submission Grappling and Jiu-jitsu Hall of Fame in 2009. He has had multiple competitors on Spike TV’s ,The Ultimate Fighter, including Season One winner, Diego Sanchez and was also a featured (and winning) head coach of Spike TV’s Fight Master. This success has bolstered a large social media following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to reach over 200,000 followers.

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  • A 40 hour training program can’t make u a good trainer.
    I wish him luck with this project. But a fighter should stick to just fighting.
    That is the problem in arab mma. All fighters becoming coaches and trainers.

  • 3omar .. as what I know albousairi is an mma coach since 4 years and the 40 hour course greg jackson went over the syllabus or curriculum with him step by step and started showing him his way of doing it .
    And albousairi is on daily connection with the jacksons mma for any uncertainties in the syllabus .

    • Sorry but your information is incorrect. Ahmed is NOT an MMA coach. He hasn’t taken any proper training to be one either. He comes to our classes still to learn & doesn’t seem to want to learn. I highly doubt this Jacksons gym will open in Kuwait.

  • Nasser. Not taking a shot at ahmad. I am a big fan of his. This guy built him self by him self. Yet the idea of a fighter being a coach. That doesnt make sense to me.

  • If you didnt know 3omar
    Bas rutten is a coach
    Tim kinnedy is a coach
    Shamrock is a coach
    Winklejon is a coach
    Etc… and they all were once a fighter

      • T kennedy is still a fighter

        Tj dillashow is a fighter

        Faber is a fighter

        And loaaaads more

        That are fighters and coach

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