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Ahmed Al Rubaye: My next fight ‘ Give me Ibrahim El Sawi for the MEFC title ‘

Ahmed Jabbar Al Rubaye continued his impressive winning streak at the recent MEFC – Middle East Fighting Championship event, securing yet another thrilling finish last Friday, Dec 1st . With this victory, he improved his record to (9-3) with 4 consecutive victories, showcasing his diverse skills and what he likes to call “Gangster Style “ inside the cage. This time, his opponent was none other than Youssef “Big Joe” Abu Shreekh, a respected Arab MMA veteran known for his heart and willingness to face any and bigger opponents.

In a post-fight interview, Ahmed Al Rubaye showed his appreciation for Big Joe’s courage in accepting the fight. He said, “Thank you, Big Joe, the manliest Heavyweight in the Arab world, the only one who agreed to sign the contract. I wish you luck.”
This statement hinted at the challenges of finding opponents willing to face him, highlighting the respect he had for Abu Shreekh for stepping up.

As the fight began, fans witnessed an exciting exchange as both fighters traded blows with ferocity. However, it was during a clinch that Al Rubaye demonstrated his grappling skills by tripping Abu Shreekh, and ground and pounded his way to secure a neck crank submission. Regardless of how the fight ultimately concluded, mutual respect between the fighters remained evident throughout.

When asked about his future plans by Rio Al Taie, Al Rubaye expressed his readiness to take on any challenger. He also openly stated his desire to face Ibrahim El Sawi, former Desert Force middleweight champion, for the championship belt, even calling out to him during the interview.
El Sawi, who was present as a guest at the event, was not immediately visible, but his imposing presence hinted at the potential showdown in the heavyweight division.

In a heartfelt moment during the interview, Ahmed Al Rubaye took the opportunity to celebrate his daughter Mariam’s ninth birthday. He expressed his deep love for her and all of his children, emphasizing the happiness they have brought him over the past nine years.

With his remarkable wins, sportsmanship, and superior attitude to take on allcomers, Ahmed Jabbar Al Rubaye continues to make waves in the MMA world, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for this talented fighter.



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