Ahmed Amir Praises the Growth of MMA in Bahrain, Trains with KHK MMA team

Brave CF welterweight Ahmed “The Butcher” Amir (5-1-0), visited the Kingdom of Bahrain for the Bahrain Open Championships recently. Haing from Egypt, this young athlete has great hope in the possibilities Brave Combat Federation has to offer to Arabs in the sport.

He looks forward to the participation in the November edition of Brave to be held in Bahrain.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain has contributed immensely towards the growth of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Brave Combat Federation found by His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, has transformed the lives of athletes like me in pursuing their dream to compete in a global level. A few years back it was impossible for an Arab athlete to get access to platforms where they are given equal opportunity as athletes from rest of the world. Even the small changes brought forward by Brave is making a huge difference in our lives.”, explained Ahmed Amir.

The Egyptian athlete shocked the MMA world by defeating the Jiu Jitsu expert Richie Martinez after reversing submission attempts thrice. In the fourth edition of Brave, he took a technical submission win over Kevin Kobdolsky who trains with the same coach as that of Conor McGregor at Straight Blast Gym, Ireland. Amir got the opportunity to share expertise among KHK MMA fighters and train under KHK MMA’s Eldar Eldarov during his Bahrain visit.

“My dream is to move to the capital of Mixed Martial Arts of the Arab world – The Kingdom of Bahrain. I had the opportunity to train with KHK MMA team the other day. I was an amazing experience to train under Eldar Eldarov alongside KHK MMA fighters who I believe will make the mark in the MMA world. It was such a honour and I have a lot of respect for him as an athlete and as a coach. If I can get high quality training as in KHK MMA fight team, I am confident that I can win against any global athlete.”

Brave Combat Federation has announced to launch the prestigious Brave International Combat Week in the month of November in association with IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA. The project is a national initiative under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa to promote Mixed Martial Arts as a global sport and to inculcate healthy lifestyle among the youth.

Checkout Ahmed Amir’s latest fight at Brave CF 4:

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