Ahmed Faress responds to Abzakh, Pledges to Teach Him A Life Lesson

ahmed faress

Ahmed Faress has been called out by the undefeated Circassian-Jordanian Nawras “The Honey Badger” Abzakh, and the words of Abzakh did not fall lightly on the ears of Ahmed “Prince” Faress. And so, Ahmed Faress has given the green light to a potential grudge match against Nawras who doubted his tenure as a number one ranked bantamweight fighter in the Arab world according to

Not only did Abzakh share his disbelief of how Faress is ranked number one, but in an interview with, mentioned that he is capable of making a highlight reel out of Faress and ending the fight whichever way that he wants, clearly understating Ahmed’s ability.

We were curious to know how Faress would respond to Abzakh’s assault of words, so we had a small talk with him and here is what he said in response to the matter.

Ahmed “Prince” Faress:

“Although his words have a lot of disdain and diminish my ability as a fighter, I understand the reasons behind them. Any person can feel envious or jealous of another who is better than him, and he’s frustrated about that. It’s ok, God created those feelings. There is nothing wrong with what he said. My ambition and potential go beyond a match with Nawras. However, I wouldn’t mind if Brave Combat Federation wants to make this fight happen. I also wouldn’t mind teaching him a useful life lesson.”


With a record of 14 wins with only 2 losses (recorded and unrecorded), Faress has actually been one of the most active Arab fighters ever since 2011. His last 2 fights have been in Brave CF 2: Dynasty, where he suffered a defeat from Mexican opponent Christian Quinonez, but bounced back at Brave CF 5 to win his 12th professional bout via submission against Indian challenger Bharat Khandare.

Undefeated, with a professional record of 6 wins with no loses, Abzakh is also no stanger to submission victories, having had 3 of his professional bouts finished by submission, not to mention that he has also had 3 amateur bouts, all of which he was able to finish by submission as well.

With the magnitude of this challenge, a lot is on the line for both these fighters. Will Abzakh hand Faress a defeat that proves that he is the number 1 ranked bantamweight contender in the Arab world, or will Faress keep Nawras in his place and hand him his first defeat, that has just got to be very bitter tasting. Whatever the result, this is surely a fight to make!

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