Al Batal 2: Walid Seghir Finishes Dennis Mungai in 33 Seconds


The latest additions to the show squared off in what was the fastest fight in the season!

Dennis Mungai (Team Elbe) and Walid Seghir (Team Baghdad) who arrived late to the show met in the cage in the sixth episode, but not for a long time.

Mungai was the first to engage as soon as the fight started, but Seghir took the fight to the ground directly. While attempting to get up, Mungai gave his back to Seghir.

A huge suplex transitioning to arm triangle put Dennis to sleep only 33 seconds into the first round! Dennis was too tough to tap there.

Ray Elbe:

“When you take a guy on an amateur level, and you take a guy who’s not just a professional but an established pro, you get bouts like these. Dennis lost consciousness during the bout but there is no significant injuries and he can get back to training directly”

Not to take anything from Walid Seghir’s win, but this seemed like a mismatch with style.

This victory earned him a spot in the finals as Al Batal officials agreed that the best finish will directly promote the winner to the finals.

Stay tuned on for episode 7 news and updates!

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