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Al Batal Reality Show – Episode 2 Breakdown

Lula reminds the fighters that this is, in fact a competition. Pain is a part of the sport and they must fight smart.

After Nacer’s departure in Episode 1, the coaches decide to advise the 13 remaining fighters. Lula reminds them that this is, in fact a competition. Pain is a part of the sport and recaps the fight by emphasizing that they must fight smart.

There is no time wasted. The next morning, Ousoud Alarab and Muhariboun are taken to Ski Dubai for the next challenge – dragging a 75 kg ball to the top of the ski slope, retrieving a flag and being the first to make it back down.

Thabet from Ousoud Alarab and Hesham from Muhariboun are selected to be tied to their teams respected ball and have to lead their team in dragging it to the top. The race begins and the fighters soon realize the difficulty of the challenge. The weight of the ball, the cold and the slippery slope all take their toll.

Tarik from OusoudAlarab decides to run ahead of his team and get the flag, breaking the rules of the challenge. The fighters must get retrieve the flag with the ball. Both teams race to the bottom and it’s a messy finish. Muhariboun have won this one and earn the right to match making the second elimination fight while staying at Fairmont the Palm in Jumeirah.

OusoudAlarab are sent back to the Al Batal base camp and have to wait in anticipation while Muhariboun spend a relaxing day at the beach. OusoudAlarabdecide to train boxing with Lula and Ulysses to preoccupy themselves and Muhariboun begin matchmaking.

In the morning, the teams gather around Sawsan, the coaches and Randall Yogachandra at the gym to announce the second elimination fight. It will be ChawkiLafif from Tunisia verses Said Belabbas from Algeria.

Chawki has to cut 2.8 Kg while Said has already made weight. Lula puts him in a sweat suit and he starts running and training. It takes him 2 hours but he makes weight. The rest of the guys train striking with Ulysses.

Tragedy hits Al Batal when Saad Tadlaoui injures his ankle while drilling. He has to be taken to a hospital to determine how bad the damage is. After training, the fighters get to know each other around the bonfire.

It’s fight day and the fighters have JiuJitsu training with Aziz. Chawki and Said start packing up while the other fighters discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Said has 14 years of experience over Chawki in addition to his superior ground game but Chawki has Muay Thai in his arsenal.

It’s time. both fighters are prepare and warm up with the coaches and walk out to their respected corners to await the referees orders. Round 1 begins and Chawki throws the first punch and follows with a kick that lands on Said’s elbow. Said tries to close the distance and eventually gets Chawki down to the ground. His superior jiujitsu lands him in full mount. Chawki gets out quick but Said lands a tight armlock. Chawki escapes and the fighters scramble. Chawkiattempts a guillotine but has to let go. Said is in Chawki’s closed guard and he ground and pounds until the end of the round.

Said is unable to stand up, his elbow seems to be a problem as he winces in pain. The medics are called in and the ref asks if he can continue. The fight ends at the end of the first round due to doctor stoppage, as Said’s elbow does not allow him to continue. ChawkiLafif from Tunisia is the second of the fighters to be granted immunity and Said Belabbas is sent back home to Algeria.

Episode 2 comes to a close and Ousoud Alarab are now two men ahead of Muhariboun as the teams are an uneven 7-5. Muhariboun need to step up their game as they might lose another member as Saad’s fate is still unknown.

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