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Al Batal Reality Show – Episode 3 Breakdown

After Said’s departure, there’s yet another confrontation at the Al Batal camp between Mostafa Al Shammari and Houdhaifa Gdouda. Mostafa’s angry that his team shut him up when he tried to advise Chawki Lafif during his fight against Said Belabbas. Houdhaifa gets frustrated at why this being made into a big deal and both fighters exchange words before ending it quickly.

The fighters now know the drill. The next morning, Ousoud Alarab and Muhariboun are up early and are greeted by Sawsan Saad. She emphasizes that Muhariboun are down to 5 men while Ousoud Alarab still have all 7 and the difference could play a huge role in the next challenge.

The fighters drive to Yas Island Marina Circuit where 2 F-150 Ford trucks are waiting for them on the track. They must first find the car keys to switch the car on. They must then push the cars around the track and change the tire before reaching the finish line. Unbeknownst to them, the jack has been removed from the cars forcing the fighters to think quickly and decide whether or not they will continue looking or just move on to the finish line. The team that wins gets to spend the day racing Yas SuperSport SST cars.

Saad is exempt from racing towards the cars and is allowed to walk over to it to wait for Sawsan to count down.

The race begins and the teams are frantically looking for their cars’ keys. Thabet Agha from Ousoud Alarab finds it first and they set off around the track. Muhariboun seem to be running out of luck as they are left behind still looking for the key. They find it minutes later and set off trying to close the gap between them and Ousoud Alarab.

Ousoud Alarab are way ahead and they start looking for the jack to change the tire while Muhariboun still push. They don’t find the jack by the time Muhariboun have caught up and the race is head to head again. Muhariboun use their wit to compensate for their lack of numbers by stopping their car in front Ousoud Alarabs car, thus blocking their way. Muhariboun then decide to move on without changing the tire and the tables have turned, they are ahead of Ousoud Alarab when the track bottlenecks to a single lane. Their quick wit allowed them to win the challenge and therefore match-make the third elimination fight while Ousoud Alarab are sent back to the Al Batal camp.

Muhariboun spend an unforgettable day on the track while tempers flarebetween Ousoud Alarab on their way home. Mostafa Al Shammari and Georges Eid exchange words and punches forcing Chawki Lafif to break them up. It ends sourly and the fighters hesitantly reconcile back at the camp.

After a day of racing, Muhariboun get down to business. Houdhaifa Gdouda chooses to fight Ahmed Amir and the fighters end their day off by advising Houdhaifa to play his game and keep it standing. There’s no doubt between them that Houdhaifa will prevail.
Both teams are back at the Al Batal camp and are gathered around Sawsan. She leads them away from their tents and takes them into the villa where she announces that they will be staying there for the rest of their time on the show. She leaves them in good spirits as the fighters settle into their new home.

It’s weigh in day and the fighters are greeted by Randall Yogachandra and the coaches once again. The third elimination fight is announced as Ahmed Amir from Egypt versus Houdhaifa Gdouda from Tunisia and the fighters get weighed in. Houdhaifa weighs in at 77.7kgs and has to cut weight while Ahmed makes weight at 76kgs. Houdhaifa trains with everyone else in a sweat suit and cuts the 200g easily. Meanwhile, Saad is shown training despite his ankle injury.

It’s fight day and the teams are separated talking to Houdhaifa and Ahmed, advising each on what to do and how to win. Saif’s catchphrase, “victory or death” is repeated to Houdhaifa during his pre-fight pep talk. Both Ahmed and Houdhaifa are calm waiting for what’s to come. They open up while packing, Ahmed is homesick and Houdhaifa talks about his fight mentality.

It’s time. both fighters are prepare and warm up with the coaches and walk out to their respected corners to await the referees orders. Round 1 begins andHoudhaifa throws a low kick. Ahmed realizes he can’t stand and brawl with Houdhaifa so he closes the distance quickly and takes him to the ground. He ground and pounds until Houdhaifa lands a quick armlock. Ahmed narrowly escapes and continues to punish from the top. Houdhaifa fails to sweep or take Ahmed’s back and the punishment from the top continues. Ahmed finds himself in side control only to be put in the half guard and then full guard of Houdhaifa quickly. Once again, Ahmed passes guard and wears Houdhaifa down from side control with only 10 seconds remaining in the round.

The second round starts with no time wasted from both fighters. Houdhaifa misses a punch and ends up against the cage in Ahmed’s clinch. The tables turn, Ahmed is up against the cage and Houdhaifa shoots in for a double, lands it and is in Ahmed’s closed guard. Ahmed does a good job of tying up Houdhaifa’s hands and avoids any attempts at ground and pound. Houdhaifa manages to land powerful hammerfists despite Ahmed’s efforts to tangle his arms up and the round ends as it began, with Houdhaifa on top. During the break, Thabet is seen telling Ahmed that if he loses he’ll go back home to Egypt.

It’s the third and final around, Houdhaifa throws a lowkick along with a few combinations that land. His striking is obviously superior to Ahmed’s who knows this and quickly closes the distance and tries to take Houdhaifa down onto the ground. His first attempt fails and he ends up against the cage with Houdhaifa trying to take him down. Houdhaifa succeeds but only for a few seconds and both fighters stand up and exchange strikes again before Houdhaifa shoots in for another double. Ahmed sprawls, Houdhaifa rolls to put him in guard and Ahmed ends up in side control where he punishes Houdhaifa. Saif begins screaming “victory or death” in desperation trying to motivate Houdhaifa through the final minutes of the fight. Houdhaifa manages to get Ahmed back into his closed guard and, while Ahmed lands some blows, slaps on a loose armlock. Ahmed escapes easily and passes guard again. Ahmed is on top maintaining north south position and then side control until the end of the round.

All three judges score the contest 29/28 and the winner by unanimous decision is Ahmed Amir from Egypt making him the third fighter to earn immunity. Houdhaifa Gdouda is sent back home to Tunisia after a grueling and intense fight.

Episode 3 comes to a close and Ousoud Alarab are now three men ahead of Muhariboun as the teams are an uneven 7-4. Muhariboun need to break their losing streak quickly while they continue to protect Saad Tadlaoui, who’s fate is still unknown due to his ankle injury.

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