Al Hajjajy: This Is My House And I Will Defend It


After the latest Desert Force “Al Academiya” Finale had its first Welterweight winner, alot has been said about Mohamad Ghorabi and a possible title fight against the current Welterweight Champ.

Aniss Al hajjajy predicted that fellow Morrocan Azzeldine Belharch will come out victorious but little did he know about Ghorabi’s determination to win! And now, the possibility of these two monsters to face each other is closer than ever. It might be unfair for some fighters, yet Ghorabi’s road to success was not an easy one and he managed to finish every opponent he faced till now!

This fight is not official so i will not say much about it!I respect Ghorabi, he’s nice guy, but sorry no body it going to take my house, I will defend it.
If people think am the underdog, Al hamdolilah, they are going to be surprised… It will be a War !

So in my book, this fight actually makes a lot of sense! Even tho Amr Wahmann Vs Mounir Lazzez could graduate another possible scenario for a title fight, but its time for the Champ to defend his title and cement his glory once and for all!

Yet the winner from Wahman Vs Lazzez has undoubtedly the potential to be the next possible Welterweight title defense match up.

What do you guys think? Did Ghorabi do enough to earn a title shot? If not who has done better!

The welterweight division is the hottest at Desert Force, rankings seem to change one fight after the other. Let’s wait n see how this thing cooks!

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