Alaa Mansour and Ibrahim El Sawi Secure Spots At Phoenix 4

alaa mansour and Ibrahim El Sawi

Phoenix Fighting Championship 4’s fight card is quickly getting more and more stacked with top names and regional talents, especially the Arabs.

Two of the latest fighters to be added to the fight card of Phoenix Fighting Championship 4 which will take place Dubai are the Egyptian MMA fighters, Alaa Mansour and Ibrahim El Sawi.

Holding a professional record of 4 wins with no losses, Alaa Mansour became popular in the Arab world of mixed martial after Desert Force Al Academiya Season 3. After Al Academiya, Mansour began fighting at Desert Force events, scoring 3 straight wins, the most interesting of which is his last fight at Desert Force 22 against Abdulrahman Dridi, who he faced before yet this time turning the tide to score an early KO finish. We haven’t seen much of Mansour after this fight, especially since the promotion stopped its events, but it looks like we will get to see him in action once again on Dec. 22.


In the Arab world, Ibrahim El Sawi doesn’t really need much of an introduction. Perhaps one of the most terrifying fighters and knockout artists in the region, El Sawi, the former Desert Force middleweight champion, has always been a force not to be reckoned with. El Sawi’s most memorable victory came against Abdullah Abou Hamdan at Desert Force 13 in Abu Dhabi, fighting for the vacant middleweight title. In the fight, El Sawi was able to land a devastating wild swing punch while Hamdan’s back was on the cage and consequently finished the fight in an early first round knockout. After his run at Desert Force, El Sawi also tried his hands, legs, elbow and knees fighting at Phoenix Fighting Championship 1 in a Muay Thai match against Kassem El Khatib. Though the fight was very close, El Sawi made the mistake of leaving it in the hands of the judges, losing via unanimous decision. The good news now though is that El Sawi looks to be making his comeback into the world of mixed martial arts in his upcoming bout at Phoenix Fighting Championship.

The card already looks appealing with so many fighters from all around the world competing in Phoenix 4. Dubai’s Team Nogueira headed by Mounir Lazzez and Anas Siraj Mounir have signed up, the Lebanese team consisting of Mohammad Karaki, Labban, Mohamad Ghorabi and Philippe Massoud are on board, and now team Egypt has two of its beasts, Alaa Mansour and Ibrahim El Sawi ready to fight.

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