Aljamain Sterling vs. Chase Hooper grappling match headlines ADXC 2 on Jan. 19

Aljamain Sterling vs. Chase Hooper

With a couple of weeks to go before the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship makes its grand return to the stage, the organization is proud to announce the two high-level athletes who will lead the event’s grappling Main Event. The ADXC 2’s last fight of the night will be headlined by the former UFC champion Aljamain Sterling facing the UFC lightweight fighter Chase Hooper.
Set to take place on January 19th, in Abu Dhabi, the 14-fight card will have its grand finale in a grappling duel between Sterling and Hooper, with the fighters going toe-to-toe against one another in five three-minute rounds at the famous ADXC cage.


Aljamain Sterling, the 2021 UFC bantamweight champion who defended his title three times until 2023, holds 23 victories in his MMA career. Impressively, he achieved seven of these wins through neck submissions, including a standout “Suloev Stretch” in 2018 at the Octagon – a leglock variation executed from a back take. Sterling’s prowess in strong takedowns and swift submissions positions him as a formidable contender, ready to assert his dominance in the upcoming battle.


On the other side of the cage, Chase Hooper is a UFC lightweight with 13 victories in his MMA record, five of those coming from neck submissions and one via heel hook. Coming from two victories at the Ultimate, the most recent being last November, Hooper will reach the Mubadala Arena hungry not only for the ADXC win but also for his shot at beating a former UFC champion to add even more weight to his name in the fighting world.
In addition to the duel between Aljamain Sterling vs Chase Hooper in the grappling Main Event, the ADXC 2 will also feature a Jiu-Jitsu Main Event, two Co-Main Events, and ten more duels to pump even more action into the card. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch the best athletes in the scene facing each other at the second edition of the ADXC on January 19th. To stay up-to-date on all the news about the ADXC 2 and its explosive card, follow @adxcofficial on Instagram, and we’ll see you in Abu Dhabi.

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