Amir Albazi defeats Kara – France at UFC on ESPN 46

Amir Albazi at UFC on ESPN 46

Amir Albazi has defeated Kai Kara – France in the headline bout of the UFC on ESPN 46 fight card. The win against the Kiwi fighter could possibly place ‘The Prince’ in a flyweight title contender role. 

Amir Albazi vs. Kai Kara – France – fight recap

Round One

Albazi initiated the fight by clinching against the cage. Kara-France broke free and returned to the center of the cage. Both fighters exchanged strikes throughout the opening round.

Round Two

The intensity increased as Albazi attempted to counter Kara-France’s aggressive approach with straight punches. Both fighters struggled to land significant blows on each other.

Round Three

Early in the round, Albazi made a successful takedown attempt. However, Kara-France quickly got back up by utilizing the fence. Albazi secured the back position and attempted a Rear – naked choke. He came close to locking in it, but Kara-France’s defense allowed him not only to get out of it but also to go on top to conclude the round.

Round Four: a first time for both Amir Albazi and Kara – France

This is the first time both fighters have reached the fourth round in their careers. Kara-France appears fresher and begins the round strongly. He delivers powerful kicks while receiving minimal retaliation.

Round Five

Kara-France starts to establish dominance with his boxing, landing punches on Albazi at will. However, Albazi attempts a takedown. Both fighters abandon caution and engage in a spirited exchange at the center of the cage for the final moments of the fight.

It was a split decision win for Albazi with judges scoring the fight: 48-47, 47-48, and 48-47.   

Amir Albazi wants a flyweight title fight in October 

In his post-fight interview, the Iraqi fighter made it perfectly clear that he wants to fight for the FC flyweight title in October in Abu Dhabi. ‘The Prince’ has a point as he’s currently enjoying a six-fight winning streak and he’s unbeaten in UFC, winning all of his five bouts inside the octagon.

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